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What's your favorite Disney movie???
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This #Disney #Princess #Cake was so much fun to make! What other videos would you like to see?


  • Rosanna Pansino
    Rosanna PansinoÅr siden

    I hope you enjoy today's Nerdy Nummies! What's the last Disney movie you watched? What's the last Nerdy Nummies episode you watched? 😊💕

  • Maryam U.

    Maryam U.

    8 timer siden

    Bueaty and the beast

  • Any time Any way Fashion

    Any time Any way Fashion

    3 måneder siden

    The cake is so beautiful and look taste, we can used chocolate cake, CAN we???

  • Dina Gossman

    Dina Gossman

    3 måneder siden


  • Joy Ojo

    Joy Ojo

    3 måneder siden

    im new

  • Lily Laird

    Lily Laird

    4 måneder siden


  • Just Me
    Just Me5 timer siden

    Yup wear that amazing shirt while your baking!!!

    ALEXANDRA ORTIZ10 dager siden

    ur cake is awesome and pretty ro .... the cake without the green icing and the fondant on the outside it look like it look like a hamburger (no offense) 🤣🤣🤣 ( i aint sure why i thought it look a hamburger ) lol 🤣🤣

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  • Jared King
    Jared King27 dager siden

    Love the merch pitchers

  • Prisha Hirani
    Prisha HiraniMåned siden

    One year ago she had 11M subscribers now she has 12.7M subscribers

  • Oviya Balakumaran
    Oviya BalakumaranMåned siden

    Can you pls make a descendants theme cake

  • Viviane Kennedy
    Viviane KennedyMåned siden

    How much time does that go for

  • Leena Banks
    Leena BanksMåned siden

    How many time dose she say “cover it with fondant or fondant 🤦🏽‍♀️32

  • Katie Hollis
    Katie Hollis2 måneder siden

    can you make a christmas cake

  • Seema Asif
    Seema Asif2 måneder siden

    make a cake of your self

  • kaylee ngunjiri
    kaylee ngunjiri2 måneder siden

    make a elsa cake ples i enjoy disney movie

  • Iris Chen
    Iris Chen2 måneder siden

    ive been watching your channel since i was 4

  • Alyson Hitt
    Alyson Hitt2 måneder siden

    Oh my goodness. I love Maleficent! She is my favorite Disney villain and I was her for Halloween last year.

  • Jessica Leonard
    Jessica Leonard2 måneder siden

    I like to bake

  • james castro
    james castro2 måneder siden

    i like et bat owowowo

  • Casey Wilson
    Casey Wilson2 måneder siden

    🍋💝💕💖💞💟💗💘💙❣💌💚❤💓💛💜💔 you r my fav

  • Casey Wilson
    Casey Wilson2 måneder siden

    My grandma uses your resepies and they are really good

  • Lmthomas ,snake lover 101
    Lmthomas ,snake lover 1012 måneder siden

    Can you make a mal out of Disney decendance cake please for my little sister

  • Menhem Chris
    Menhem Chris2 måneder siden

    Can you do frozen elsa please

  • Janki Naik
    Janki Naik2 måneder siden

    WOW You are the best baker ... Pls make a mal cake from descendants

  • Bluma Antao
    Bluma Antao2 måneder siden

    Ro,you really inspire me so much. Love you ❣❣❣❣

  • Camila Escobedo
    Camila Escobedo3 måneder siden

    I love Maleficent

  • Allan Estrada
    Allan Estrada3 måneder siden

    Will if you like Hocus pocus so much you don't make a cake themed hocus pocus

  • Allan Estrada
    Allan Estrada3 måneder siden

    Oh yeah I grew up watching Rossans pansino with my sister

  • Devendra Lalji
    Devendra Lalji3 måneder siden

    Where are her wings and staf

  • Glow Studio Salon and Acacedmy
    Glow Studio Salon and Acacedmy3 måneder siden

    I want hair like her so beautiful

  • Jose Chiriboga Pintado Jr
    Jose Chiriboga Pintado Jr3 måneder siden


  • TooCent Girl
    TooCent Girl3 måneder siden

    I used to watch you and I was like 3 or 5 idk lol and then I was just scrolling through my NOlocal recommended and I saw you and now I'm watching you again I have always wanted to be a baker😊

  • Kady Mckercher
    Kady Mckercher3 måneder siden

    I've been I'm nine and I've been watching you since I was three

  • Kady Mckercher
    Kady Mckercher3 måneder siden

    Can you please make an aurora cake

  • Kady Mckercher
    Kady Mckercher3 måneder siden

    What if I just want to see you make the cake I like seeing people make cakes it says fine

  • gargamel :]
    gargamel :]3 måneder siden

    For my b day I want all her mearch

  • gargamel :]
    gargamel :]3 måneder siden

    I like your dress

  • Jhaina frizha De castro
    Jhaina frizha De castro3 måneder siden

    Can you do with your sister pls

  • Brahm Gill
    Brahm Gill3 måneder siden

    First when I saw the thumbnail I thought that ro will make a dress of malifiecent but it was a cake it looks so realistic

  • Subhash Deshpande
    Subhash Deshpande3 måneder siden

    U look so beautiful here

  • talat shama
    talat shama3 måneder siden

    loveeeeeeeeeeeee you soooooooo much sorry there is no emojy if it was there i would put one heart

  • senam
    senam3 måneder siden

    I really wish she would eat these on camera

  • Mia Blueknight
    Mia Blueknight3 måneder siden

    I love you so much rose

  • Dee R
    Dee R3 måneder siden

    Is this video old

  • Dee R
    Dee R3 måneder siden

    You funny

  • eloise schwartz
    eloise schwartz3 måneder siden

    Hi Ro!! My name is Eloise Schwartz I am a huge fan I watch you every single morning!!!

  • Sarika Shetty
    Sarika Shetty3 måneder siden

    So many ways to be wicked

  • cammie cameron
    cammie cameron3 måneder siden

    Maybe I’m remembering the cartoon too much but I’m missing some purple but even without it. It looks amazing

  • inyang sito
    inyang sito3 måneder siden

    We're twinsies or whatever😁😁

  • Alyssa Hanlon
    Alyssa Hanlon3 måneder siden

    This was amazing!

  • Alyssa Hanlon
    Alyssa Hanlon3 måneder siden

    I love to bake and i wish i had a turn table

  • Lasya Reddy
    Lasya Reddy3 måneder siden

    I love you Rosanna

  • Laura Goldberg
    Laura Goldberg3 måneder siden

    can you do more Halloween cakes

  • Quin Zhou
    Quin Zhou3 måneder siden

    Or a cookie cake

  • Quin Zhou
    Quin Zhou3 måneder siden

    Would you make a cake of your self a rosana pansino cake

  • You need Namjisoos
    You need Namjisoos4 måneder siden

    How is her hair and clothes are still spotless??

  • Orange_ Juice 222
    Orange_ Juice 2224 måneder siden

    Hi ro that’s cake looks amazing necst year for Halloween you should make something Coraline the Theamed

  • Nay Ward
    Nay Ward4 måneder siden

    33 days until he Halloween

  • Eva Cummings
    Eva Cummings4 måneder siden

    Hey I just like to say that I really like your channel and I love the things that you make. Also that I saw you on nailed it and you are one of my favorite people to watch cook because you make everything so fun and it makes me want to try it. I hope you keep it up.

    AFSANA AFRIN4 måneder siden

    Hello Rosanne

  • maddison Harris
    maddison Harris4 måneder siden

    I love your picture and your videos

  • anisha p
    anisha p4 måneder siden

    Those"small things" is her collar

  • Sarah Parsley
    Sarah Parsley4 måneder siden

    I want that doll so bad.

  • Sohani Soham Gaming
    Sohani Soham Gaming4 måneder siden

    I love Maleficent!!!!!!

  • London Fernandes
    London Fernandes4 måneder siden


  • Heidi Nicholas
    Heidi Nicholas4 måneder siden

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  • Paul & Petrina Hay
    Paul & Petrina Hay4 måneder siden

    That cake looks so good

  • Paul & Petrina Hay
    Paul & Petrina Hay4 måneder siden

    Me: made a big mess Ro: perfect 💕

  • Chaeyoung Jin
    Chaeyoung Jin4 måneder siden

    her next cookbook should be a princess cookbook

  • Ewelina Kaplita
    Ewelina Kaplita4 måneder siden

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  • Kristina S
    Kristina S4 måneder siden

    Osum i love this cake

  • Aneta Bortkiewicz
    Aneta Bortkiewicz4 måneder siden


  • Hana Ajal
    Hana Ajal4 måneder siden


  • Ainsley Brennan
    Ainsley Brennan4 måneder siden

    You forgot maleficence wings.

  • Ella-Rose JONES
    Ella-Rose JONES4 måneder siden

    I loved it but now can you pls make a moana cake.

  • Ella-Rose JONES
    Ella-Rose JONES4 måneder siden

    I love this movie I wonder whether it is going to look so realistic.

  • Milka&Cookies
    Milka&Cookies4 måneder siden

    The intro was SPOOK-tacular!!! And yes I know I should go to Pun Jail. Edit: what if Ro made a princess cake COMPLETELY edible. Like even the doll. :O

  • Rahim Abdulazeez
    Rahim Abdulazeez4 måneder siden

    Next you should do a evil queen cake from snow white🍍

  • Khushi Sehar
    Khushi Sehar4 måneder siden

    Cont you make other cakes because mlaficant is ival and everyone hate her

  • Mickaella Mae Sioson
    Mickaella Mae Sioson4 måneder siden

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    Rajeswari Natarajan4 måneder siden

    can you make an Aroura themed cake, cookies etc? please!!!!!

  • Rajeswari Natarajan
    Rajeswari Natarajan4 måneder siden

    rosana your my favourite baker of all time!

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    shweta amar4 måneder siden

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    Brooke Leigh5 måneder siden

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    Sneha Muthyala5 måneder siden

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    MsDinoNuggie_145 måneder siden

    I've loved bakeing since pre-k And I've loved this channel since kinder thank you ro

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    anika stevens5 måneder siden

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  • Sangita Banerjee
    Sangita Banerjee5 måneder siden

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  • Sangita Banerjee
    Sangita Banerjee5 måneder siden

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    RUILING QIU5 måneder siden

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    Islambadi Londay5 måneder siden

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    King Kam225 måneder siden

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