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Had so much fun making a fall pumpkin themed charcuterie board with my sister!
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We had so much making a #Fall themed #CharcuterieBoard using #Target #GoodandGather foods for #Friendsgiving or #Thanksgiving!
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  • Rosanna Pansino
    Rosanna Pansino11 måneder siden

    I hope you enjoy this video! What's your favorite food to bring to a party? 😊❤️

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    Tuana Kaciu

    Måned siden

    Mine is your recipes

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    YOUR recipes, custom decorated for any occasion.

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  • Emily Potter

    Emily Potter

    9 måneder siden

    Apple chips

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    Aisha Rose3 dager siden

    corona said "no" *sad*

  • Gloria Lopez
    Gloria Lopez5 dager siden

    My cousins always have boards

  • Eva Jiang
    Eva Jiang10 dager siden

    Molly is a dog mom and a baby mom.

  • Swati aralikatti
    Swati aralikattiMåned siden

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    Tahira BatoolMåned siden

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    Tahira Batool

    Måned siden

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    kittygirl10309Måned siden

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    Meerani AlmeharbiMåned siden

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  • Grace Welch
    Grace Welch2 måneder siden

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  • Lyla Alban
    Lyla Alban3 måneder siden

    Milk vs melk the eternal battle.

  • Jennifer Wren-McDonald
    Jennifer Wren-McDonald3 måneder siden

    Mo said almonds walnuts but look it is almonds and pecans

  • Zoey Blue
    Zoey Blue3 måneder siden

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  • April Vincent
    April Vincent3 måneder siden

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    Marilyn Martinez4 måneder siden

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    Maidah Mohammed4 måneder siden

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  • Simple Elegance
    Simple Elegance4 måneder siden

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    Brittany Zermeno5 måneder siden

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    CityKatter5 måneder siden

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    Mobina Gizabi5 måneder siden

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    Joy Potter Cullen Diggory Pattinson Jackson6 måneder siden

    5:16 this is why I love the people in the background lmao

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    Callie Cole7 måneder siden

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    Mary Booth7 måneder siden

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    Cute Bartels8 måneder siden

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    Caged-Criminal148 måneder siden

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    Judy Barazi8 måneder siden

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  • asmeeta.
    asmeeta.8 måneder siden

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  • Zunairah Plays
    Zunairah Plays8 måneder siden

    This is my first time I saw ros Chanel again sense 6 years ago

  • TheSSDuncan
    TheSSDuncan8 måneder siden

    ro, I'm going to go out on a limb and assume you know IPA since you did theater stuff. you say milk with the 4th lowest front vowel sound, when husky was saying it with the second highest vowel sound just below the i sound or the orthographic e.

  • HAI kyuu
    HAI kyuu8 måneder siden

    Molly kinda looks like Emma Watson... 😳 Ilysm btw and hope u get better soon😢✊🏻

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  • Faby Vicente
    Faby Vicente9 måneder siden

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    Austin Lenssen9 måneder siden

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    Emily Potter9 måneder siden

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    Cailee Krol10 måneder siden

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    Vibha Checker10 måneder siden

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  • Vibha Checker
    Vibha Checker10 måneder siden

    I have done tu many comments now I am going to stop ok so you can rest a little bit and stop seeing my comments ok bye

  • Vibha Checker
    Vibha Checker10 måneder siden

    All the food you have on the board is so yummy and it looks so yummy when you come in India just come at my place and I'll show you how to make Indian food it will be yummy believe me I actually send your voice will because I don't know how to write so I am sending you a voicemail hope you like it because I am not that English but that's ok I speak little bit of English but not that much ❤️ but I can try that's no way just try if I try again learn more bigger spellings hope you like my comment ok bye and hope you have a nice day with your sister and your family and I hope Mike is ok now I can say bye ❤️ love from suravi I almost forgot to introduce my name is suravi actually I like double I write in my name double time 😂 isn't that funny and now I am going to pick up some emojis ok I am in the emoji section 🤗😍😄🤔😄🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪

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    Sara Casal10 måneder siden

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  • German Naller Schläpfer
    German Naller Schläpfer11 måneder siden

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