Holiday YouTuber Gift Swap

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Had so much fun doing a gift swap with LaurDIY and Judner aka UrAvgConsumer. Thanks to Google Shopping for sponsoring this holiday gift swap! #GoogleShopping #sponsored
Watch uravgconsumer open my gift here:
Watch LaurDIY make the super cute dog collars here:
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  • Rosanna Pansino
    Rosanna Pansino11 måneder siden

    I've always wanted to do a gift exchange with friends and ITS HAPPENING! What are you doing for the holidays? 😊❤️

  • Oliver Etienne

    Oliver Etienne

    3 måneder siden

    Your a great cook ro

  • Rdash Sartin

    Rdash Sartin

    9 måneder siden

    Judner wrapped a present for Laur

  • house_of_love


    10 måneder siden

    Decorating and Baking 😎

  • Madison Statham

    Madison Statham

    10 måneder siden

    Rosanna Pansino I am celebrating Christmas and most of the time I will be baking ‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️

  • Jonathan Frias

    Jonathan Frias

    10 måneder siden

    Rosanna Pansino I love ro

  • Julie Rodriguez
    Julie Rodriguez17 dager siden

    I’d love to have a stand mixer thrown at me😂😂

  • Anayatube 123
    Anayatube 12324 dager siden

    8:20 ..... 2020 be like NOPE

  • Leah Kanak
    Leah KanakMåned siden

    Just been watching vids but.... 8:20 Ro:Watch out 2020 I'm gonna be so relaxed u ain't even going to know who I am. Me:Yeah about 2020....ur gonna need the essential oils......😅

  • Ashlee Caterson
    Ashlee CatersonMåned siden

    What does the holidays smell like to you? It smells like tinsel to me

  • Kashvi madhu
    Kashvi madhuMåned siden

    Who actually felt weird when she spoke about the essential oils which she wud relax with in 2020 😂😂👇👇

  • Jeanine Stuart
    Jeanine StuartMåned siden


  • Isabelle Moore
    Isabelle MooreMåned siden

    Ro: watch out 2020! 2020: are you testing me?

  • jasmine Ruediger
    jasmine Ruediger2 måneder siden

    Your going to need it this year ro

  • Pineapple Crossing
    Pineapple Crossing3 måneder siden

    OMG! I have an American girl doll that is supposed to be you and two doll dogs named blueberry muffin and coconut just like you! Love you Ro! ❤️

  • Jen Ly
    Jen Ly3 måneder siden

    Where is this shirt from?! 😍 so cute.

  • mythirdchannel
    mythirdchannel4 måneder siden

    they're no German Shepherds if you know what I mean XD lol

  • Michele Rumbolz
    Michele Rumbolz4 måneder siden

    Me while watching this video = ME WANTY ALL THE STUFF😁😁😁

  • Tammy Fisher
    Tammy Fisher4 måneder siden

    We are all good at night and Tiana is a good day to see you guys you are a great team to get the kids and get to the game and we are all good and

  • Tammy Fisher
    Tammy Fisher4 måneder siden

    Tiana was the night I had a good night to see my r to the sub tips and tips on how to get r the league and we are all good for a team that we have in our

  • Tammy Fisher
    Tammy Fisher4 måneder siden

    Hi 👋 was a good night for the girls and for your birthday 🍰 is your time 24 percent of the year for the year and a half and a lot of people are you going to be able to get a good team and a team that will be a team team and we will be able to get the team to get the league team to get it to the final draft team and will draft the draft and we have a draft of draft draft team and will be back in yyyyyyrry this is a great game and I have to the final draft to draft a team that is a good thing for the game that is a team of a good one at this time and they have to the final fantasy draft team to

  • Maggie Florence
    Maggie Florence4 måneder siden


  • Agim Shabaj
    Agim Shabaj4 måneder siden


  • Shivikaa Gupta
    Shivikaa Gupta4 måneder siden

    To is a.inspiration to all and the worlds 🌎 funniest person I love her 😁😁

  • Emy Milien
    Emy Milien5 måneder siden

    thanks Rosanna

  • Vanessa F.-T.
    Vanessa F.-T.5 måneder siden

    Ro: ''Whatch Out 2020'' 2020: ''Darling you're gonna use those oil I guarantee!!"

  • desi Singh
    desi Singh5 måneder siden

    I am single boy frome India I want us girl

  • Suzy B
    Suzy B5 måneder siden

    Love you Ro, your the best

  • Anonymous
    Anonymous5 måneder siden

    If Ro was a superhero her power would be to trow stand mixers...

  • Miller Isabel
    Miller Isabel5 måneder siden

    Who else thinks Ro is the giving person on the world?

  • Michelle Xie
    Michelle Xie6 måneder siden


  • Alan Oulette
    Alan Oulette6 måneder siden

    For the mini san mixer, the brand kitchen Aid. I always use that brand. It so good. Heres a tip: Get the brand “ kitchen Aid “

  • riyadhmahmood 17
    riyadhmahmood 176 måneder siden

    Ro: " these dog cookie cutters! I just wanna eat them all right now!" Me: you wanna eat the cookie cutters!?!?

  • Riley Dunham
    Riley Dunham6 måneder siden

    Ro: he has a dog named cookie, I have a dog named cookie. Me: 😭 Cookie!

    TIN3NOZ6 måneder siden

    Ro- Watch-out 2020 I’m gonna be soo relaxed!! Me in 2020- You sure?

  • Tashana Saravanan
    Tashana Saravanan6 måneder siden

    Ro: watch out 2020 2020: we’ll see bout that 😈😈

  • Gacha Fox 101
    Gacha Fox 1016 måneder siden

    "Theirs sweeties, but their no German Shepherds if you know what I mean *wink". I dead lol

  • Shamar!
    Shamar!6 måneder siden

    "Watch out 2020, imma be so relaxed so super chill you wont even know".....🤔😐 welllllll

  • Teo Mary-Katherine
    Teo Mary-Katherine6 måneder siden

    Why is she so damn beautiful!?😊😂🥰

  • Daaniya Zaidi
    Daaniya Zaidi7 måneder siden

    Who agrees that Ro looks like a princess??

  • Kip Games
    Kip Games7 måneder siden

    What kind of laptop is that? 🤔😂

  • Asui is My Little Pony's biggest fan
    Asui is My Little Pony's biggest fan7 måneder siden

    “I’m going to be so chill next year” CoRoNa ViRuS hAs EnTeReD tHe ChAt

  • Ella Kang

    Ella Kang

    Måned siden

    thats literally what i was gonna say

  • B l u e B e r r y's
    B l u e B e r r y's7 måneder siden


  • inaayah ali
    inaayah ali8 måneder siden


  • Amy Mifsud
    Amy Mifsud8 måneder siden

    9:11 This is basically a rip off of RuPaul’s drag race so I like to call this Rosanna’s dog race

  • K Beverly
    K Beverly9 måneder siden

    This is so cool how NOlocalrs are exchanging gifts

  • Али Вали
    Али Вали9 måneder siden

    Мыня нужно секс

  • Llama Lover
    Llama Lover9 måneder siden

    I have a dog named cookie

  • Ken Yahathugoda
    Ken Yahathugoda9 måneder siden

    Ro is my favourite NOlocalr

  • johnny _from_unkn0w3
    johnny _from_unkn0w39 måneder siden

    Ro: If I'm wrong, I owe you guys a $. Ro: What are we? What are w- - Oh, thank gosh! Its a candle! Me: If it wasn't a candle, Ro would have to give $1 to 11.8 MILLION people

  • [ Izzy ]
    [ Izzy ]9 måneder siden

    I’m sorry... *BUT YOUR HAIR IS AWESOME* *ok I’ll shut up*

  • Mika Bozijanova
    Mika Bozijanova9 måneder siden

    Can you make a cake out of bon jovi’s logo with bon jovi pls

  • TDa M
    TDa M9 måneder siden

    ❤🧡💛💚💙💜 Love your channel.

  • {itz aoiangelgamez}
    {itz aoiangelgamez}9 måneder siden

    When u said DIY I knew it walaur diy

  • Christiana cadan
    Christiana cadan9 måneder siden

    Can I still get the dollar I'll donate it to the charity

  • Kaitlynn Lattimore
    Kaitlynn Lattimore10 måneder siden

    The candle looks like a milk 🥛

  • Aarya Achrekar
    Aarya Achrekar10 måneder siden

    Ro u look like elsa from frozen 2

  • gacha studio
    gacha studio10 måneder siden

    T nul

  • zarqa ishtiaq
    zarqa ishtiaq10 måneder siden

    How to do gift swap with other youtubers

  • حسین کعبی
    حسین کعبی10 måneder siden


  • Becky LG
    Becky LG10 måneder siden

    I throw stand mixers at my friend's! Lmao 🤣😂🤣😂

  • house_of_love
    house_of_love10 måneder siden

    I had the same bath salt and I still have the little glass jar

  • Aldo Maldonado
    Aldo Maldonado10 måneder siden

    Who tf are you and why did your whole 10 min vid show as an ad

  • Macee Sales
    Macee Sales10 måneder siden

    I like your hair better blonde

  • Arielle McGregor
    Arielle McGregor10 måneder siden

    The fashion show made me good AWWWWWWWWWWHHWHHHHHHHHH

  • LoveBuddy Luna
    LoveBuddy Luna10 måneder siden

    I thougt ro idd banen a lot

  • Clementinas Days
    Clementinas Days10 måneder siden

    This is how many people watch Ro since the beginning ⬇️❤️

  • Luce Short
    Luce Short10 måneder siden


  • strawberryxqueen
    strawberryxqueen10 måneder siden

    This is now many people got a ad of this video while watching another one 👇🏼

  • Safia Hakimi
    Safia Hakimi10 måneder siden


  • Anna Slimeack
    Anna Slimeack10 måneder siden


  • Tiffany Hunt
    Tiffany Hunt10 måneder siden

    But can she throw a stand mixer at me? I have ALWAYS wanted one! LOL.

  • anne farrell-sheffer
    anne farrell-sheffer10 måneder siden

    I want a stand mixer

  • Janet Hunter
    Janet Hunter10 måneder siden

    i love you so much ps i am 5 years old love you and cookie i love dogs so much and baking

  • Janet Hunter
    Janet Hunter10 måneder siden

    have a good chrismas

  • Anji_Studios 23
    Anji_Studios 2310 måneder siden

    Yessss, love love the fashion show!!!!!!

  • McDiamond
    McDiamond10 måneder siden

    I don't care.

  • Aria Chan
    Aria Chan10 måneder siden

    Justine... You need to check this dude out.

  • Ha La
    Ha La10 måneder siden

    I watched Laurdiys video

  • layla cal
    layla cal10 måneder siden

    You need to do a video with Alisha Marie

  • Renu bains
    Renu bains10 måneder siden

    SorryI was at somewhere

  • 《Gubbins Gacha》
    《Gubbins Gacha》10 måneder siden

    "Watch out 2020!" Yeah, Ro. I would also watch out _for_ 2020. (Talking bout u COPPA)

  • Valya
    Valya10 måneder siden

    Omg! Lauren had Ro, Ro had him, and he had Lauren!

  • Bot Slasher
    Bot Slasher10 måneder siden

    I love your vids

  • Maggie Hand
    Maggie Hand10 måneder siden

    Love you soooo much

  • sara ham
    sara ham10 måneder siden

    when she was saying stand mixers I thought she was saying Stan mixers. *yes we stan mixers here :D*

  • L Grant
    L Grant10 måneder siden

    I love your vids soooo much I just subscribed

  • Khadijah Farooqi
    Khadijah Farooqi10 måneder siden

    I've been missing days when the comment section wasn't a calendar.

  • AmyLucas Coley
    AmyLucas Coley10 måneder siden

    Whenever somebody mentions dogs or puppies Ro's face:😝😃😍😛😇 LOVE YA'll xx

  • Christina
    Christina10 måneder siden

    I Wish I'd be friends with Ro, so she'd be throwing a standmixer at me 😂

  • Laura l Beasley
    Laura l Beasley10 måneder siden

    I love her hair in this video 😍❤️

  • Rebeca Hernandez
    Rebeca Hernandez10 måneder siden

    Now I'm a do this with my friends like I just texted the group on Snapchat!!!!!!

  • TBNR Phycoz!
    TBNR Phycoz!10 måneder siden

    Could you make the deathly hallows symbol from harry potter pls greatly appreciated thx

  • Doing_Great
    Doing_Great10 måneder siden

    Did anybody else notice the thumbnail and think *is she eating it or...???*

  • Jacqueline Garcia
    Jacqueline Garcia10 måneder siden

    why are they better models than me and I'm an actual human

  • Chad Williams
    Chad Williams10 måneder siden

    You should collaborate with LDShadowLady!!!! She actually watches your videos even though she plays video games!!!!! 😍🤩🙂

  • Catty Cat
    Catty Cat10 måneder siden

    Anyone else just really missed the old Ro, idk why but I just miss her

  • Matt Dowde
    Matt Dowde10 måneder siden

    did you know you are my favorite NOlocalr I love ur personality and your positivity

  • Bridget Scott
    Bridget Scott11 måneder siden

    This is how many people 😍🥰😘 Christmas 👇

  • Bubbly Banana
    Bubbly Banana11 måneder siden

    Ro’s hair tho ON FLEEK GURL!

  • Angel Agar
    Angel Agar11 måneder siden

    I got notified for this vid and Lauren and it was at the same time on the same topic!!!😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 And BTW love you, cookie, and blueberry muffin! I had seen the notifications when they first came out I just started watching now!!!!!

  • Purple Boy
    Purple Boy11 måneder siden

    Ro: "There're no German sheperds" Me: I have a German shepherd, ZOEY get over here

  • Mishal Qasim
    Mishal Qasim11 måneder siden

    I am sorry I'm late I was really sick an dad's couldn't even text

  • boomerang nebula
    boomerang nebula11 måneder siden

    You should've gotten him the teal colored mixer lmaooo

  • Elysia Whiteside
    Elysia Whiteside11 måneder siden

    To I’ve always loved you I’m 10 years old and I have dyslexia so it’s really been hard for me getting through schoolwork. just knowing everything you’ve achieved and how inspiring you are. and I love baking I love to make treats I love to make stuff for my brother and for my parents and you’re so inspiring 💓💓💓🤗🤗