Goodbye Cookie... Losing My Best Friend

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She was the best dog.
My Dogs Instagram: blueandcoconut


  • Rosanna Pansino
    Rosanna Pansino7 måneder siden

    I'll miss you forever Cookie

  • Vanyora Valentina

    Vanyora Valentina

    23 dager siden

    i’ll miss her🥺🥺🥺

  • Rochelle Worthington

    Rochelle Worthington

    23 dager siden

    I'm sorry Ro 😢❤️

  • Nikitha korner Cooking baking and toys

    Nikitha korner Cooking baking and toys

    Måned siden

    I miss cookie so much 😿

  • ashley nham

    ashley nham

    Måned siden


  • Olivia Montiel

    Olivia Montiel

    Måned siden

    I’m so sorry for your lost I have been a fan for about 6 years and my favorite cat that I grew up with just died and I’m only 11

  • Kaylee Malthouse
    Kaylee MalthouseTime siden

    I lost me hamster and I cried for a year and I still cry to this day

  • Camilla Diaz
    Camilla DiazTime siden

    I'm sorry ik how it feels and I know I'm late but I lost my pitbull to skin cancer I lost so many animals and I know I'm gonna lose another one bc he is already 14yrs old

  • GamingWithKiara
    GamingWithKiara2 timer siden

    My dog died 4 days ago and ive been living with him for 6 and a half years

  • Zurconic Gaming
    Zurconic Gaming2 timer siden

    Cookie was so cute

  • Pui Yan Lo
    Pui Yan Lo3 timer siden

    I was gonna write this a long time ago but never got to... I feel your pain as I’ve lost 3 pets already, there might be a part of you in your heart that will never heal for your loss of Cookie. I myself am currently 12 years old and you are such an amazing pet owner as you are soo strong through how ever long your NOlocal channel has been running, I’ve watched your videos since I was 8 years old and I know you have the most amazing personality with such a positive attitude towards how its the right thing to do. You made the right choice as I’ve never met you in real life, but I know you can work through it. I feel your pain as i was bullied in year 6 and most of the memories still scared me. I had panic attacks in the middle of the night where I just wanted to sleep, but I learnt how to cope through it. I wish you the best of luck through the rest of your life and family. Life is hard, but death was too still, so fight through it i know you can.

  • Imelda Viernes
    Imelda Viernes5 timer siden

    Aww I’m so sorry Ro but everyone and I will remember her forever

  • Nthabiseng Masina
    Nthabiseng Masina7 timer siden

    Sorry for your loss ☹☹☹😪but I will always be your first huge fan 😍☹I am really sorry 😪

  • Barbie Show100
    Barbie Show1008 timer siden

    Cookie will always be with you in your heart

  • Kimayaa Rajesh
    Kimayaa Rajesh11 timer siden

    I am sorry ro we will miss her too

  • sara s
    sara s14 timer siden

    miss you forever cookie rip

  • faateh Khaqan
    faateh Khaqan15 timer siden

    I cant believe this I loved cookie so much how could this happen to 😢😭😫

  • Ayra Arbab
    Ayra Arbab17 timer siden

    I will always love you

  • Skylar Owens
    Skylar Owens18 timer siden

    I am sooooooooooooooooo sorry

  • Chariss Amador
    Chariss Amador18 timer siden

    Ayi Ro 😩 Just went through this & CHF with my stud so my heart is with you💔

  • Skylar Owens
    Skylar Owens18 timer siden

    I am crying

  • Skylar Owens
    Skylar Owens18 timer siden

    Cookie will always be with all of us 😭😥💕💗 I love you and i want you to know i will be there for you forever

  • Andrea Gary
    Andrea Gary21 time siden

    hugs dont cry but she will be with you forever... stay happy

  • denise ta
    denise taDag siden

    My dog has a I infection but this is worse😔

  • denise ta
    denise taDag siden

    RIP cookie , love you forever and never forget you😢

  • Bel_Plays_
    Bel_Plays_Dag siden

    im so sorry 🥺😭

  • Totally Jewels
    Totally JewelsDag siden

    Oh my gosh I am so sad. You are amazing you can push trough the sadness.

  • Amelia Kepa
    Amelia KepaDag siden

    I know how you feel.i'm very young and went through this around 2-3 months ago. I had 3 rabbits, one was barely 4 years old, and the other two girls weer barely 1. They were in Poland with my grandparents and I live in England so I hardly saw them. These were my first ever pets and I called them my babies, like my own children. I loved them with all my heart and couldn't imagine life without them, my bunnies were my absolute pride and joy. They unfortunately passed away not long ago due to a virus caused by mosquitoes, which was also common in rabbits but I didn't know about it yet because I'm only 13 and they were my first ever pets. I called my grandmother to catch up with her and she had to tell me the bad news and I immediately broke down,and at first I didn't believe it. I've never lost a pet or family member so it made me even more hurt, I pray and cry but most of all I try to think about great times. I often don't like to think about them being 'dead' because otherwise I could cry for hours. But I know this comment is late , I want to say that you are so strong for even sharing this and I am proud of you. Just remember, just because they are not here, doesn't mean they are not happy in heaven with other family members. I love you and stay strong, I am by your side :)

  • Danna Velázquez
    Danna VelázquezDag siden

    Ro why are u having bad luck first u lost your dad and now u are losing your best friend cookie 🍪 I am going to cry I feel so bad for u Ro 😔 😭 why! Cookie was my favorite dog on NOlocal 🐶:( don’t be sad Ro we are in this together we will always be there for u Ro!

  • Alisha Naicker
    Alisha NaickerDag siden


  • Kritika Chand
    Kritika ChandDag siden

    I feel so bad for her .She lost dog and her father in such a short time. I'm so sad because I've never had a dog and losing a best friend like that is complicated.😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • Jaylin Baker
    Jaylin BakerDag siden

    I'm for your dog 😭😭😭😭😭

  • Dana Fahad
    Dana FahadDag siden


  • The Angelic Princess
    The Angelic PrincessDag siden

    Ro I know what it is like to be you...I lost a pet, but cookie matters more. Your a true fighter! Don't give up on your self or cookie. Your also as tall as me! But, on topic cookie is in a better place.

  • leah mae cassidy
    leah mae cassidyDag siden

    I'm so so sorry

  • Helene Blackie
    Helene BlackieDag siden

    I am sow sorry I no Howe hart sore you are😭😭😭😭😭stay strong😭

  • Joey Martin
    Joey MartinDag siden

    who ever disliked you don't have a heart

  • Ma. Darhata Likha Amante
    Ma. Darhata Likha AmanteDag siden

    I love Cookie! ❤

  • melanie Vera
    melanie VeraDag siden

    I’m sorry about your dog cookie. She was my favorite dog😭

  • josue colon
    josue colonDag siden

    Noooooooo!!😭😭😭 I miss her she was so sweet and beautiful!!!! She did not deserve to die!! I LOVE YOU COOKIE!!!!

  • Piper Sasson
    Piper SassonDag siden

    I'm soo sorry Rosanna at least you and all of us have her in are hearts and you also have her cuddle clone.

  • Zoë Da Silva
    Zoë Da Silva2 dager siden

    Oh my gosh I am so sorry !!! ❤️❤️

  • LiL CASH
    LiL CASH2 dager siden

    I lost my Grandfather 3 months ago and it was really hard on all my family cause we looked up to him without him we wouldn't have this life. Education , Money , Life he protested for us so Rest in peace Grandfather.

  • Thato Seolonyane
    Thato Seolonyane2 dager siden

    I love cookie ❤️too much

  • Ace boyz
    Ace boyz2 dager siden

    I am sorry I know how it feels

  • Cj Animation
    Cj Animation2 dager siden

    I hope the people who disliked this disliked because of the news and not because some other reason

  • Jessica Ocallaghan
    Jessica Ocallaghan2 dager siden

    Awe my dog died a week ago too I was so shocked and sad at same and I was in a rollercoaster of emotions

  • Prominent Panda
    Prominent Panda2 dager siden

    Awww baby. It’s ok, cookie is always gonna be here for us. Just remember that

  • Raven Leng
    Raven Leng2 dager siden

    I came home to find out my dog went missing .I am watching lost dog videos and losing them it’s so painful .

  • Queen Leaf
    Queen Leaf2 dager siden

    COOOKIE!!! nooooooooooooo! UnU

  • Marlee Williams
    Marlee Williams2 dager siden

    I'm so sorry Ro

  • Abril Davalos
    Abril Davalos2 dager siden

    i have been watching your videos for so many years and i loved cookie i even named my dog cookie im so sad shes gone

  • Miaysophia Rodriguez
    Miaysophia Rodriguez3 dager siden

    Omg i didnt know acttually i was asking were was cookie and this bróke my heart poor ro hope shes better she needs to see mark (markiplier) cuase she looked sooo happy

  • Maria CRUZ
    Maria CRUZ3 dager siden

    I have a dog and it is 12 years old

  • Ronin Sutton
    Ronin Sutton3 dager siden

    you kep every one happy you are a fighter

  • Anna Miller
    Anna Miller3 dager siden

    I so so sorry i loved cookie

  • Anna Miller
    Anna Miller3 dager siden

    o my i feel like i will cry i so so so so so sorry .

  • Laura Henchey
    Laura Henchey3 dager siden

    I am so sorry for you row😪 we all love you so so much leave a like if youlove row

  • Grace Hyepock
    Grace Hyepock3 dager siden

    Its really hard to lose a dog me and my family lost nine puppies after 1 of them being born

  • Job Seeking
    Job Seeking3 dager siden

    Rosanna is strong she can even smile when two dies

    IZHIA PLANTILLA LEE3 dager siden

    sooooo sad love you cookies rest and Peace cookie 😢😢😢😢😢

  • Ignas 10
    Ignas 103 dager siden

    Sed ☹🥺

  • Simran Lalli
    Simran Lalli3 dager siden

    Ro is a strong fighter

  • jackson hogan
    jackson hogan3 dager siden

    mike will help you to

  • Caitlynshaffer702
    Caitlynshaffer7023 dager siden

    I have only watched you for about a year or two now and I have gotten to know you and Cookire sooooooooo well that even though Cookie is not my dog I feellike you do Ro, I still do and I REALLY do miss Cookie.

  • Caitlynshaffer702
    Caitlynshaffer7023 dager siden

    Watched this again... I was in tears!!! I miss you Cookie! Love you Cookie.. Ro you are a TRUE fighter!! RIPC =Rest in peace cookie

  • Sabrina Awaits
    Sabrina Awaits4 dager siden

    one second she was tearing up and one second she was smiling and that breaks my heart to see her so sad

  • Sabrina Awaits

    Sabrina Awaits

    4 dager siden

    12:11 I feel bad for watching this months later

  • Sabrina Awaits
    Sabrina Awaits4 dager siden

    I miss Cookie

  • Sabrina Awaits
    Sabrina Awaits4 dager siden

    i luv u! stay strong!

  • rainbowunicornpoop123
    rainbowunicornpoop1234 dager siden

    This made me cry bc I have a dog that is really close to my heart, so I feel so bad for, bc it took me a year to get over my baby cat’s death so I really feel bad for you, and somehow you are still smiling, you are a huge role model for me

  • Halea Hardin
    Halea Hardin4 dager siden

    I am crying rite now.😢😢😢😢😢😢😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • Liseth Estevez
    Liseth Estevez4 dager siden

    We will pray for cookie every day and night

  • Liseth Estevez
    Liseth Estevez4 dager siden

    Omg I’m sorry to hear this roe

  • Sunflower Pug
    Sunflower Pug4 dager siden

    Cookie no I cried when I watch this because cookie was the best dog in the world and I watch this a few months ago and cried as well Ro fighter she will always be laughing and smiling even when her best friend passes away she is one of my favourite NOlocalrs and she will always be Ro you are a fighter

  • Dinosaur YT
    Dinosaur YT4 dager siden

    I'll miss cookie but I just barely had to go through three dogs passing it sucks


    I am so sorry

  • Sofia Una Valenzuela
    Sofia Una Valenzuela4 dager siden

    I hope cookie will be happy in heaven and hope you stay safe💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜☺️😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • Ecrin Kocabel
    Ecrin Kocabel4 dager siden

    Benim gibi Türk olanlar var mı

  • Ky Stan
    Ky Stan4 dager siden


  • Ky Stan
    Ky Stan4 dager siden

    Cookie will always be by your side

  • Ky Stan
    Ky Stan4 dager siden

    I am so sorry losing a pet is really hard

  • Likhi S
    Likhi S4 dager siden

    So sad

  • Apeksha Patel
    Apeksha Patel4 dager siden

    She should never had gotten this at all but it has happened to her rip cookie we well love you and you to ro we we remember you cookie

  • starla jones
    starla jones4 dager siden

    Sorry about your loss do you still have her clone that you paid 300 dollars for

  • Antra Dubey
    Antra Dubey4 dager siden

    Soo sad Ro..😥😖 It's heartbreaking💔💔

  • Mayra Garcia
    Mayra Garcia4 dager siden

    thats so cute but im so sorry

  • Mayra Garcia
    Mayra Garcia4 dager siden

    im sooooooooo sorryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy i love cookie

  • Becca Shindorf
    Becca Shindorf4 dager siden

    I absolutely loved cookie she was the funniest girl i have ever ment In my entire life i miss my cookie So much she made me laugh druing The worst days of my life i miss her

  • Welaeluli Hoapili
    Welaeluli Hoapili5 dager siden

    Omg cookie will always be with us

  • Jasmine Forbes
    Jasmine Forbes5 dager siden

    We are here for you.

  • Atsuko Rendleman
    Atsuko Rendleman5 dager siden

    Awwwwwwwwww i wish cookie could stay i loved them both so much...i want to make you happy is all...i now it is hard sating bye to your best friend...

  • Kieran Bassan
    Kieran Bassan5 dager siden

    I know what you are going through ro because that I’ve lost my dog because that she was so sick and Her name was Lucy she was a king Charles spaniel and I just feel so so bad you I hope you are you’re not that unhappy anymore just make sure that blueberry muffin lives a long and happy life love you ro

  • Mackynzee Kaiser
    Mackynzee Kaiser5 dager siden

    I've lost about 10 pets

  • _shadow_ wolf_ 10_
    _shadow_ wolf_ 10_5 dager siden

    The 2 Kay who disliked are hartless things bc she lost her dog and people don’t understand how much it hurts to lose at dog rip

  • Monica Smart
    Monica Smart5 dager siden

    😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭I loved her soooooo much

  • Nabeel Ali
    Nabeel Ali5 dager siden

    You da best fighter ro

  • Nabeel Ali
    Nabeel Ali5 dager siden


  • Gabrielius Meskauskas
    Gabrielius Meskauskas5 dager siden


  • Haydenn Deal
    Haydenn Deal5 dager siden

    Rest in pice cookie

  • Luis Martinez-Orbe
    Luis Martinez-Orbe5 dager siden

    Ro I just wanna say that you are a fighter. You are so amazing and If i lost my dog, I would just lose it. My dog is getting older and I'm scared he won't wake up from his naps. When I saw this I was inspired. You are fighting the loss of Cookie and thats whats making me take care of my dog. Cookies been there since the beginning and I know how much it hurts. Don't stop fighting and you will feel better by the second. 🍪❤

  • ItzThe CrazyPeeps :3
    ItzThe CrazyPeeps :35 dager siden

    I cried during the video. I have been watching ro for so so long. This made me so sad since ro is my favorite childhood NOlocalr.

  • Sophia Lopez
    Sophia Lopez5 dager siden

    Omg, I feel so bad for you. I'm sorry for your loss I hope you feel better I have been watching you were eight years I started with Nerdy Nummies and then I just subscribe to your main Channel I'm still subscribe to dirty nummies and I've watched you for eight years I've already said that but I'm only nine so that's like my whole life.😭😭

  • Scarlett Jones
    Scarlett Jones5 dager siden

    We all miss cookie we all cryed

  • Maxamus Wilson
    Maxamus Wilson5 dager siden

    Just remember they’ll never really be gone there still in your heart and all of our hearts, hope your feeling well :)

  • Ioana Tomosoiu
    Ioana Tomosoiu5 dager siden

    I am so sorry.I cried so much.