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We recreated my most viewed video EVER! Have we gotten better???
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We had so much fun #Baking these #Princess #Cakes! What is your favorite Disney Movie?
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  • Rosanna Pansino
    Rosanna Pansino11 måneder siden

    This video is so special to me! Today we recreated my MOST VIEWED video ever! The original video was also the very first Nerdy Nummies I did with my sister. Have we gotten better??? ❄️💃👑

  • Sandhya Rani Palakoti

    Sandhya Rani Palakoti

    10 timer siden


  • Hüseyin Şahin

    Hüseyin Şahin

    17 timer siden


  • Amir Ali

    Amir Ali

    6 dager siden

    You are good Rosanna

  • kjoranson


    9 dager siden


  • Sharmin Akter

    Sharmin Akter

    11 dager siden

    @Emily Mancia r

  • barbi
    barbi6 timer siden

    cool im also going todo this at home for my mum

  • Tayler Penno
    Tayler Penno19 timer siden

    that laugh tho 4:24

  • Tayler Penno

    Tayler Penno

    19 timer siden

    wrong time 7:25

  • Kamryn Huff
    Kamryn Huff20 timer siden


  • Jamilet Ramirez
    Jamilet RamirezDag siden

    Ro seemed kinda ⬆️ in this video..

  • Gurly Jean
    Gurly JeanDag siden

    Me : looking at Rosannas old vids. Me now : wow look how much she glowed up!

  • pastores Juan y sofia pulido
    pastores Juan y sofia pulidoDag siden

    Can you do Disney descendants?

  • Luna The Puppy
    Luna The PuppyDag siden

    That dress was blue and black 👇😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Emily Szeto
    Emily SzetoDag siden

    " Lets get started ! First step open the dolls." Molly you are now an official mom

  • shanthi kamaraj
    shanthi kamarajDag siden

    Hi I'm a new comeader

  • Anita S.
    Anita S.2 dager siden

    The color is gold

  • Sarah Manzanares
    Sarah Manzanares2 dager siden

    I see white and gold what do u see

  • Caitlyn Curran
    Caitlyn Curran2 dager siden

    With your sister do you

  • Isla George
    Isla George3 dager siden

    Can I have a shout out

  • Madelon Hinkle
    Madelon Hinkle3 dager siden

    He will be like Can we go to auntie Ro’s and get some treats

  • soleil plays
    soleil plays3 dager siden

    I was watching this Channel since I was very young💓

  • Patti Organ-Blersch
    Patti Organ-Blersch4 dager siden

    Blue and gold

  • MS MS
    MS MS4 dager siden

    I regret watching this.. YOU MAKE ME HUNGRY 😭😭😭😭

  • sandhya singh
    sandhya singh4 dager siden

    That dress is blue and golden

  • Paul Cowlam
    Paul Cowlam5 dager siden

    I am with molly on the dress thing it’s blue and gold

  • Helena Times
    Helena Times5 dager siden

    I love the movie

  • Himani Liyanage
    Himani Liyanage5 dager siden

    That dress is gold and white .

  • Addyson Payne
    Addyson Payne5 dager siden

    Ive been dealing with covid umm yeah thats pretty much it i dont remember anything else

  • Isidro Pantoja Govea
    Isidro Pantoja Govea6 dager siden

    I wished you could make me a cake

  • Rowan Brigantia
    Rowan Brigantia6 dager siden

    the dress was purple and gold

  • Hayden Fahey
    Hayden Fahey6 dager siden

    The dress that they looked at was gold and white

  • Alyssia Johnson
    Alyssia Johnson6 dager siden

    It’s now 211M views on ur 1st video with ur sister!

  • Bonolo Amane
    Bonolo Amane6 dager siden

    Ms rosanna your videos are wow😀😀😀

  • Erin Hunt Hair & Makeup
    Erin Hunt Hair & Makeup6 dager siden

    I got a cat!!!

  • zeeshanayub
    zeeshanayub6 dager siden

    I saw blue and black in that dress

  • zeeshanayub
    zeeshanayub6 dager siden

    When ro said technically were making three cakes i thought well ro your making six cakes

  • Fancy Cat
    Fancy Cat6 dager siden

    In the last five years I turned five and I dropped my cake 🤣😳

  • Sophia Briones
    Sophia Briones6 dager siden

    i wanna say im old even though im 13 because i remember when that video first came out but it so crazy that was 5 years ago

  • itslils
    itslils7 dager siden


  • Paula Krzysztofik
    Paula Krzysztofik7 dager siden

    I have been watching your channel for 6 years and you ate such a good NOlocalr and I love you and your family

  • Megan Yu
    Megan Yu7 dager siden

    I love how she gets her sister in this one

  • Megan Yu
    Megan Yu7 dager siden


  • Ava Sophie Gaming
    Ava Sophie Gaming7 dager siden

    Can you make a descendants cake

  • Ava Sophie Gaming

    Ava Sophie Gaming

    7 dager siden

    I saw gold and white

  • Oanh dinh
    Oanh dinh7 dager siden

    Wow good cakes 🎂 can you make one to Walmart bet same ones and different colors pan !!!!

  • Oanh dinh

    Oanh dinh

    7 dager siden

    Like wow

  • Truffles
    Truffles8 dager siden

    5 years ago i was a 6 year old kid who likes to watch cake vids-

  • Beth Friemel
    Beth Friemel8 dager siden

    2021 anyone? nope everyone died.

  • Monica B
    Monica B8 dager siden

    Ro, they do make a 0 piping tip 😁

  • B M
    B M8 dager siden

    5 Years ago I was 3 years old so what has changed is I started school I have a 3 cousins and I got a Chromebook

  • Skyler Anderson
    Skyler Anderson8 dager siden

    I see white and gold too 😊😊

  • Diya Moi
    Diya Moi8 dager siden

    The first video of the Anna and Elsa cakes was my favourite.

  • Staci Hargreaves
    Staci Hargreaves9 dager siden

    The dress thing is blue and black like Ro said

  • • KindOfaPanda •
    • KindOfaPanda •9 dager siden

    Does anyone else wonder what they do with the cakes afterwards?

  • crazy 4
    crazy 49 dager siden

    I know frozen of by heart I always whach your videos and I love cooking

  • Daisy Lua
    Daisy Lua9 dager siden


  • Azka Nadeem
    Azka Nadeem9 dager siden

    is it just me or did i c blue and gold

  • Jast Watch
    Jast Watch9 dager siden

    I love your vid

  • Madison Heller
    Madison Heller9 dager siden

    I see light blue and gold

  • Lilifoxwishes
    Lilifoxwishes9 dager siden

    Wow 5 years till a new one dang

  • Alisha Prakash
    Alisha Prakash9 dager siden

    I see blue and gold

  • Kendall Morgan
    Kendall Morgan9 dager siden

    What has happened to me in the past five years??? STUPID CORONA POPES UP AND I HATE WEARING MASKSSS

  • Jon Kurland
    Jon Kurland10 dager siden

    You've been my idol that hasn't changed

  • Emily
    Emily10 dager siden

    corona lol

  • Vissia Wan
    Vissia Wan10 dager siden

    blue n' black I see

  • abhijit das
    abhijit das11 dager siden

    You have your dady of your own

  • Tafersit Nador
    Tafersit Nador11 dager siden


  • dipsee ?
    dipsee ?11 dager siden

    Who else has tried all of ro's recipes and even if there not perfet it delicious

  • Gabrielle Olney Meece
    Gabrielle Olney Meece11 dager siden

    I got a pacemaker, married, had a baby.

  • Erin Blake
    Erin Blake12 dager siden

    Wow just amazing

  • Nicola Hanratty
    Nicola Hanratty12 dager siden

    I am my subscriber as well I love you and I also rang the Bell yes and I'm the one that said I'm actually Molly as well as your sister

  • Nicola Hanratty
    Nicola Hanratty12 dager siden

    OMG my name Molly I am massive fan I love you sooooo much

  • Sophie Chong
    Sophie Chong12 dager siden

    I love the cake!

  • Kelly Hupp
    Kelly Hupp12 dager siden


  • Quinn MacLean
    Quinn MacLean12 dager siden

    I got a job😁

  • ashley sld
    ashley sld12 dager siden

    I have a boyfriend now

  • vee team
    vee team12 dager siden

    You got the year wrong it was 6 years ago but I still love your videos I watched it when I was 4 years old

    SUKANTA KUNDU12 dager siden

    I got a sister

  • Monica E
    Monica E12 dager siden

    I was three when u did the Elsa Anna cakes (Just to be clear me and my mom share the same NOlocal account and this is her daughter and I am a hugeee fan love you💕!)

  • Mahek Mohapatra
    Mahek Mohapatra12 dager siden

    You guys talk too much!!!

  • Watermelon Cookie453
    Watermelon Cookie45312 dager siden


  • Elle Sont
    Elle Sont12 dager siden

    molly whyyy are you tooler then rosanna

  • John Verhoog
    John Verhoog12 dager siden

    Frozen food

  • PassionatelyMe
    PassionatelyMe12 dager siden

    Wait, Mo is younger?

  • Zoe Astorga
    Zoe Astorga13 dager siden

    wait frozen came out in november 2020 :O

  • • LazyLemon •
    • LazyLemon •13 dager siden

    She should be on zumbos just desert

  • Anjali Sahgal
    Anjali Sahgal13 dager siden

    At 13:53 I saw blue and black but my younger sister saw white and gold. Just like Ro and Molly

  • Anjali Sahgal
    Anjali Sahgal13 dager siden

    From 7:16 to 7:28 I was just rolling on the floor with laughter Anyone else??

  • Money Seth
    Money Seth13 dager siden

    Hello Ro pansino I love 💓 the videos with rebeca zomolo

  • Kayla Keirstead
    Kayla Keirstead13 dager siden

    Sorry I’m kinda late but In the last five years: • I got a baby sister in 2015 • I got a baby brother in 2020 • I moved to a different house a few months ago • started watching nerdy nummies and I now watch it all the time because Ro is such a pro at baking

  • Chocco_chipz
    Chocco_chipz13 dager siden

    I see blue and gold

  • Chocco_chipz
    Chocco_chipz13 dager siden

    Mo and Ro are so cute as sisters and so pretty!

  • neneng nurliah
    neneng nurliah13 dager siden

    Is that Frozen2

  • neneng nurliah
    neneng nurliah13 dager siden


  • Alexis Elkins
    Alexis Elkins14 dager siden

    I literally just watched that video from 5 years ago.

  • Alliyah Hyper and poke fane
    Alliyah Hyper and poke fane14 dager siden

    wow you guys had a glow up!!!!

  • Surjit Hospital
    Surjit Hospital14 dager siden

    Beautiful video 😍😍😍

  • Zenia Khan
    Zenia Khan14 dager siden

    7:27 ro throwing snow everywhere mo ignores continues explaining seriously u guys are so funny together love u all

  • IK Magana
    IK Magana14 dager siden

    I love them they are so cute

  • Cozgo Plays
    Cozgo Plays14 dager siden

    Mo and ro that’s cool

  • Howl Queen
    Howl Queen14 dager siden

    I remember watching that video! That video was what got me attached to this channel!

  • Ellen Richards
    Ellen Richards15 dager siden


  • Nusrat Akter
    Nusrat Akter15 dager siden

    OMG I got so many memories when I was a kid

  • Siann Rosario
    Siann Rosario15 dager siden


  • gisele masengo
    gisele masengo15 dager siden

    blue and black

  • Adele Elliott
    Adele Elliott15 dager siden

    The dress is blue and black

  • Rosey Bish
    Rosey Bish15 dager siden

    “Blue and black or gold and white” Ummmm I see blue and gold ?