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We recreated my most viewed video EVER! Have we gotten better???
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We had so much fun #Baking these #Princess #Cakes! What is your favorite Disney Movie?
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  • Rosanna Pansino
    Rosanna PansinoÅr siden

    This video is so special to me! Today we recreated my MOST VIEWED video ever! The original video was also the very first Nerdy Nummies I did with my sister. Have we gotten better??? ❄️💃👑

  • maimoona rehman

    maimoona rehman

    7 dager siden


  • maimoona rehman

    maimoona rehman

    7 dager siden

    yes u have amazingly better techniecs and looks

  • Amresh Raina

    Amresh Raina

    10 dager siden

    Where do you get the cook book

  • Tinatin Elizbarashvili

    Tinatin Elizbarashvili

    21 dag siden

    Yes yes and yes

  • Emma Ellis

    Emma Ellis

    29 dager siden

    you are from tiktok

  • Norma Garcia
    Norma Garcia7 timer siden

    like hi

  • Just Jackie
    Just Jackie13 timer siden

    My friend threw eggs at me like that

  • Ciara Morley
    Ciara Morley16 timer siden

    Yesterday I baked brownies a cookies

  • Adrienne Monaghan
    Adrienne MonaghanDag siden

    Please do a real steel Charlie truck cake

  • زهراء علي الزعابية
    زهراء علي الزعابيةDag siden

    i see blu and green ish to goldish to blackish

  • natalie krisztin
    natalie krisztinDag siden

    its white and gold

  • sashi raj
    sashi rajDag siden

    Van hbnnm mn vnjmk

  • gacha gamer2290
    gacha gamer2290Dag siden

    you made cakes to be like you and Mo pwinsess

  • Tiffany Thurston
    Tiffany Thurston2 dager siden

    They look so good you have a talent for baking

  • Tiffany Thurston
    Tiffany Thurston2 dager siden

    I see gold and blue

  • Lakhal Hafida
    Lakhal Hafida3 dager siden


  • cade gachagamerz
    cade gachagamerz3 dager siden

    The look she gave when her sister said they didn't take the boots off her face said "omg we messed up"

  • Kaylie Mason
    Kaylie Mason4 dager siden

    can you make a starbucks cake with Justine!!!!!!!!????????!!!!!!!!!

  • Ben plays
    Ben plays4 dager siden

    i saw white and gold in the dress

    LETS PLAY COME ON!5 dager siden

    You did so great!😀

  • Jim Corbet
    Jim Corbet6 dager siden

    Fcgchhhgbbbb bbb v

  • Krew Fam For Life
    Krew Fam For Life6 dager siden


  • Bashaair Ashman II-E
    Bashaair Ashman II-E7 dager siden

    please make sooooooooooooooo big

  • Really?
    Really?7 dager siden

    0:30 & 4:48 Is that the same mixer 5 years later omg

  • Really?


    7 dager siden

    It definitely is the same one that’s so cool

  • Sucheta Singh
    Sucheta Singh7 dager siden

    I m new in your cannel Good video From now I will always see your videos. And also teach you 😂

  • Kelsey Quijano
    Kelsey Quijano8 dager siden

    row I think you are Pretty 😁

  • Really?


    7 dager siden

    Row? It’s ro

  • Klingler Family
    Klingler Family8 dager siden

    I got two dogs went to team for gymnastics had my first meet got a perfect ten once my best friend moved away I haven't seen her in two years I haven't seen some other friends since lockdown started and covid that's a lot

  • 0Dxrker Hxrper0
    0Dxrker Hxrper09 dager siden

    the baby???????????????

  • Really?


    9 dager siden

    Mo has a son

  • Dana Norton
    Dana Norton9 dager siden

    I see blue and gold

  • pink stars 02 roblox time
    pink stars 02 roblox time9 dager siden

    you guys are good at decorating cakes !

  • bushra hussain
    bushra hussain9 dager siden

    The dress is gold and blue

  • Really?


    9 dager siden

    Who decided the colour? Dun dun dun

  • Leann Cardenas
    Leann Cardenas9 dager siden

    Ro is the best baker

  • Tayseer 2084
    Tayseer 208410 dager siden

    I love u r videos. I am going to make this cake for my birthday 💛💜

  • Yvonne Kenniston
    Yvonne Kenniston10 dager siden

    i love Frozen 2 Elsa

    ALEXANDRA ORTIZ10 dager siden

    the dress in the photo i see light blue and gold.ohhh nice dresses cake 🤣its funny that they r doing pay back to each other lol ohh i love ur frozen doll cake .

  • MonkeyLand
    MonkeyLand10 dager siden

    I don’t really know what I have been up to because I was 5 when you did the first one and now I’m 11 so idk

  • Pranav Narayan
    Pranav Narayan10 dager siden

    Bake Elsa in her show yourself look and honour in her Queen Look

  • Fall Dark
    Fall Dark10 dager siden

    Blue and blake

  • Cherrylene Vicmudo
    Cherrylene Vicmudo10 dager siden

    Can you make a Mulan cake

  • Ella Brown
    Ella Brown11 dager siden


  • Really?


    7 dager siden


  • Ella Brown

    Ella Brown

    11 dager siden


  • Family Hearts
    Family Hearts12 dager siden

    You guys have gotten better I think you guys did so great you did extra details you used fondant you guys did amazing I love you're videos especially when you do them with you're sister love you're videos I also watched the first frozen video and I think you guys have gotten way better I also watched the one where you made cookies🍪 for cookie monster on his birthday that was so sweet of you💖 I Love you're Videos💖💗💕Bye💖💗💕

  • Neo Her
    Neo Her12 dager siden

    I saw blue and gold

  • Lidia Osaro
    Lidia Osaro12 dager siden


  • HO JIE KEE Moe
    HO JIE KEE Moe13 dager siden

    I can't believe I watch you channel for...8year😱

  • alison thompson
    alison thompson13 dager siden

    you should let the baby help in youre next video.

  • Quazi Haque
    Quazi Haque13 dager siden

    I very like this cake can you make another Barbie doll cake

  • Mich driedger
    Mich driedger14 dager siden

    i love all the littel challenges in the midle of the cakes

  • Samantha Harrold
    Samantha Harrold14 dager siden


  • Rania Muhammad
    Rania Muhammad14 dager siden


  • Jeremy Garcia
    Jeremy Garcia15 dager siden


  • Ariadna Papagno
    Ariadna Papagno15 dager siden

    Blue and gold

  • Mikaela Kilroy
    Mikaela Kilroy15 dager siden

    I saw white and gold

  • Natalie Ceja flu
    Natalie Ceja flu15 dager siden

    I love your videos

  • Elisa Lepe
    Elisa Lepe15 dager siden

    the dress you soll on phon is gold and white

  • I am GORL
    I am GORL16 dager siden

    Does anyone remember this from the OLD days of her channel?

  • Von Hera Alimuin
    Von Hera Alimuin16 dager siden

    Now 6

  • Avery Crozier
    Avery Crozier16 dager siden

    I see blue and gold

  • Ishaal Rizwaan
    Ishaal Rizwaan17 dager siden

    mermaid cake

  • Me Calliope
    Me Calliope17 dager siden

    so much has changed

  • Addison Jarrett
    Addison Jarrett17 dager siden


  • Lily Bathurst
    Lily Bathurst17 dager siden

    You have upgraded since the last time

    NATACHA PEDROSO18 dager siden


  • Evelyn Newquist
    Evelyn Newquist19 dager siden

    make a rapunzel princess cake

  • Sky Levine
    Sky Levine19 dager siden

    Anna and Elsa are not sisters

  • suhani gambhir
    suhani gambhir19 dager siden

    what is the blue pot she used called??

  • Bodden Wachter
    Bodden Wachter19 dager siden


  • Sophia Kandu
    Sophia Kandu20 dager siden


    AIME HERNANDEZ20 dager siden

    i love your cake of the dolll

  • Valentina Molina
    Valentina Molina20 dager siden

    I see blue and black

  • Gacha Phoenix
    Gacha Phoenix20 dager siden

    i watched Frozen 2 on my birthday

  • Poons mirch
    Poons mirch22 dager siden

    Anna is the queen 👸 now 😂

  • Mia Leal
    Mia Leal22 dager siden

    Her hair is blond and a baby

  • Sofia Romero
    Sofia Romero22 dager siden

    I love you videos

  • Emily Borg
    Emily Borg22 dager siden

    You and your sister are GORGEOUS 😍

  • Brennon DeLong
    Brennon DeLong23 dager siden

    hi rosanna i love your videos im 7 now and ilove you

  • Ebony Sanders
    Ebony Sanders24 dager siden

    5 years ago I was just 2 I am 7

  • Bryan York
    Bryan York24 dager siden

    Gold and blue

  • Emma kanyi
    Emma kanyi25 dager siden

    Did anyone see the sugar that Mo got outside of the bowl? It bothers me for some weird reason.

  • Mo and lo Bobo
    Mo and lo Bobo25 dager siden

    Who’s watching in 2021

  • Helen Esumobi
    Helen Esumobi25 dager siden

    I have been in London

  • Samket Woldegiogis
    Samket Woldegiogis26 dager siden

    so cool i love frozen 2

  • Syam Krishna
    Syam Krishna26 dager siden

    You have amazing skills

  • Cream Puff
    Cream Puff27 dager siden

    In the dress I saw white and gold

  • PeytonVlogs
    PeytonVlogs28 dager siden

    The dress blue and black

  • UnicornGachaGirl 09
    UnicornGachaGirl 0929 dager siden

    Blue and black for the dress

  • Emma Ellis
    Emma Ellis29 dager siden

    yes you have

  • Emma Ellis
    Emma Ellis29 dager siden

    in the dress i saw blue and black

  • Ahmed Ijlal
    Ahmed Ijlal29 dager siden

    I grew

    SARAI MARTINEZ29 dager siden

    On the dress i saw bluesh grayish and on the top gold and on the very bottom black

  • Tomboy 77
    Tomboy 77Måned siden

    If I was a teen now I was 2 when frozen was out :p

  • Hei Ling Leong
    Hei Ling LeongMåned siden

    i see blue n black what do you

  • Natasha Landin
    Natasha LandinMåned siden

    What happened in our lives five years ago is none of your business

  • rubby cat squad
    rubby cat squadMåned siden

    i saw that pic blue and gold

  • Brittany Miller
    Brittany MillerMåned siden

    i think the dress is black and blue. By the way i love you guys

  • Camila Padron Avilez (Student)
    Camila Padron Avilez (Student)Måned siden

    b day for me my bithday.

  • Ameya D Nair
    Ameya D NairMåned siden

    Anyone in 2020?

  • Ameya D Nair
    Ameya D NairMåned siden

    They might not have a diet Cause girl!..that's alot Of cake

  • Sirugumalle Rajesh
    Sirugumalle RajeshMåned siden

    Nerdy is so beautiful in this video

  • sudha N
    sudha NMåned siden

    I stil watch these videoos 😁😁

  • Mamadou Sacko
    Mamadou SackoMåned siden

    I. Love. You. Are. The. Cook

  • Alisha Omar
    Alisha OmarMåned siden

    Good Anna and Elsa 🎂🎂🎂🎂

  • Lucia Borroto Gonzalez
    Lucia Borroto GonzalezMåned siden

    Blou and Black

  • Morgan Cownden
    Morgan CowndenMåned siden


  • Morgan Cownden
    Morgan CowndenMåned siden