Today my friend MatPat and I tried eating many different Hot Spicy Cheetos Food!
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Trying these #Funny #Weird #Foods was a lot of fun! What other foods should we try next???
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  • Rosanna Pansino
    Rosanna Pansino11 måneder siden

    This video was so much fun! Would you ever try any of these?? 🔥🔥🔥

  • Amy Henninger

    Amy Henninger

    8 timer siden


  • Amy Henninger

    Amy Henninger

    8 timer siden

    No I hate spicy food

  • Lady STELLA

    Lady STELLA

    22 timer siden

    They all look amazing!

  • John-paul Farrington hoyle

    John-paul Farrington hoyle

    7 dager siden

    I hate spices

  • John-paul Farrington hoyle

    John-paul Farrington hoyle

    7 dager siden


  • Mordecai R
    Mordecai R2 timer siden

    Is this how Food Theory came to be??

  • anna dcosta
    anna dcosta13 timer siden

    is that ur brother ro

  • Jaybird
    Jaybird15 timer siden

    Wait, there not siblings? *not scientifically possible!*

  • Jonesy Thompson
    Jonesy Thompson19 timer siden

    mat looks so different

  • Destiny Karst
    Destiny KarstDag siden

    Still waiting for food fixers.

  • Elody Heaton
    Elody HeatonDag siden

    Please like actually do food fixers!

  • Jasmine Fluit
    Jasmine FluitDag siden

    food fixers

  • Ignored
    IgnoredDag siden

    Brother from another mother and and father!

  • Dillon Jedi
    Dillon JediDag siden

    foodfixers yaaaaaaaaaaaas

  • Addison Asbell
    Addison Asbell2 dager siden

    When’s good theory covering this?

  • Jason Tzouganatos
    Jason Tzouganatos3 dager siden

    When covid is over you should really do that food fixers show thing

  • Professor Luce
    Professor Luce3 dager siden

    Food theory Episode: Difference between a melt and a grilled cheese.

  • Hamoodi
    Hamoodi3 dager siden

    Them: FOOD FACTS only did they know

  • Xxxx Ssss
    Xxxx Ssss3 dager siden

    Let's a go

  • Carter Lang
    Carter Lang4 dager siden

    POV: You're here for the second time because of food theory.

  • Иван Ганев
    Иван Ганев4 dager siden

    5 seond rule ... busted ... mith busters

  • Иван Ганев
    Иван Ганев4 dager siden

    The mith busters made the doube dipping experiment in their past shows

  • gabby Lovelies
    gabby Lovelies4 dager siden

    Food fixers

  • Real Ezarik
    Real Ezarik4 dager siden

    Explain why I got an ad saying how to install a toilet

  • GlichyFox 666
    GlichyFox 6664 dager siden

    FOOD FIXERS or FOOD FIX hmmmm I can't decide

  • Sheadon Farish
    Sheadon Farish4 dager siden

    Them talking about food sin and the double dipping: me double dipping everyday: “can I be in good sins”

  • Sheadon Farish

    Sheadon Farish

    4 dager siden

    “Can I be in food sins”

  • Sheadon Farish

    Sheadon Farish

    4 dager siden

    Oh no I typed wrong

  • ShokyReviews
    ShokyReviews4 dager siden

    Matpat: we'll be eating bright red powdered covered snack foods today. I'll wear the whitest jacket I own.

  • jelisaveta simonovic
    jelisaveta simonovic5 dager siden


  • Sanjeev Kumar
    Sanjeev Kumar5 dager siden


  • creepergamez232
    creepergamez2325 dager siden

    i was eating crunchy cheese Cheetos while watching this

  • Matthew Albright
    Matthew Albright5 dager siden

    Very brave wearing white while eating flaming hot Cheetos

  • Kiki
    Kiki5 dager siden

    Too spicy 🌶 🥵 I can’t even eat a takie 🔥🔥🔥

  • andrew ramsey
    andrew ramsey5 dager siden

    Matpat in there thinking of been culinary Mythbusters. Mythbusters did the double dip and 5 second rules

  • Trity Playz
    Trity Playz5 dager siden

    Rosanna: it kinda taste weird. Matt: That's why we gonna test it and see what's in it bc this is not a theory this is FOOD THEORY

  • Ler Shen Tan
    Ler Shen Tan6 dager siden


  • Akiana Delmanto
    Akiana Delmanto6 dager siden

    You should make a flaming hot Chido cake!!!!!

  • Dayoa Stoelman
    Dayoa Stoelman6 dager siden

    i feel like food theory was made bc f this btw who is her from Matts cheeto theory

  • zealo yt11 gaming
    zealo yt11 gaming6 dager siden

    Matpat sent me

  • Kittymitch KKAY
    Kittymitch KKAY6 dager siden

    9:15 Recipe repairs

  • Howdo you spell Exacly
    Howdo you spell Exacly6 dager siden

    Less talking more eating😺

  • Alt To Shift_
    Alt To Shift_6 dager siden

    All I think of now is grilled sandwich with cheese...

  • Bri Loya
    Bri Loya6 dager siden

    IS no one gonna comment on "Nut Cheese"?? LOL

  • TRexRocker2941
    TRexRocker29416 dager siden

    This gives me 2018 youtube vibes (no hate just nostalgia)

  • Fenice Kim
    Fenice Kim6 dager siden

    Food crimes

  • Jimena López
    Jimena López6 dager siden

    Was this the Pitch Meeting for Food Theory? Love it!

  • Freckle face gacha
    Freckle face gacha6 dager siden

    Food sins: coughing on the cake candles instead of blowing on it.

  • Hannah W
    Hannah W6 dager siden

    there’s a roll in heb in texas that is called the firecracker roll and it has hot cheetos on it and it’s so good and you can actually taste the cheeto

  • The Trickster
    The Trickster6 dager siden

    That’s what she said

    BUYISIWE CHALA6 dager siden

    These people are awesome.

  • StinkyPug42 42
    StinkyPug42 427 dager siden

    I honestly would watch all the shows they were joking about

  • Ian Martinez
    Ian Martinez7 dager siden

    nobody: Cheetos: cn it go on a pizza

  • NoaTugy
    NoaTugy7 dager siden

    So, when food fixer is coming out?

  • Pastel Pink :3
    Pastel Pink :37 dager siden

    Food sins could be named food fouls

  • Keyan Grobler
    Keyan Grobler7 dager siden

    Their friendship is so wholesome oms 😊

  • Paula Hlup
    Paula Hlup7 dager siden

    Rosana: Is explaining the taste MatPat: Eating

  • Movies Are Dope
    Movies Are Dope7 dager siden

    Why do I keep wondering if this is the Nerdy Nummies woman? 😅 EDIT: 🤦‍♀️😅

  • galactic pheonix
    galactic pheonix7 dager siden


  • galactic pheonix
    galactic pheonix7 dager siden

    the biggest food sin is.......wait for it..... i said keep witing...... still not there yet..... ............... ..... it's being a vegetarian PURLY AND ONLY because you think that's wrong to eat living beings because plants are alive and pescatarians I butcher writing that ik I did and celery with anything that's not celery

  • galactic pheonix
    galactic pheonix7 dager siden

    matpat: ro is my sister from another mister but hey that's just a theory a Rosanna pasino theory thanks for wasting your time reading this

  • Anurag Jain
    Anurag Jain7 dager siden

    Indians be like: it is not stale , it is just soggy

  • sreechandan gamming
    sreechandan gamming7 dager siden

    Food fixers

  • Aran Lewis
    Aran Lewis7 dager siden

    10:03 he almost said food theory 😂

  • Magic Box
    Magic Box7 dager siden

    Chetto + Masako= Machito Macho= Man (Hombre) Machito= Little Man?

  • Hey that’s Pretty good
    Hey that’s Pretty good7 dager siden

    i honestly ship this

  • Anna Manotham
    Anna Manotham7 dager siden

    THE INTRO IS SOO FAST 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Music Player 150
    Music Player 1507 dager siden

    My mom loves them

  • Lexy Thompson
    Lexy Thompson7 dager siden

    I expect that double dipping/germ theory to be on Food Theory soon ;)

  • What has my life come to
    What has my life come to7 dager siden

    here from the cow feed video

  • A. Elrond D.
    A. Elrond D.7 dager siden

    It's 11 months later now. Where's that Food Fixer show ?

  • Rajvir Daniel Singh
    Rajvir Daniel Singh7 dager siden

    Disagree Matthew, eating fries with a fork is fine

  • Rachel Rapp
    Rachel Rapp7 dager siden

    I'm craving sushi now 🤤

  • Dadesx
    Dadesx7 dager siden


  • Drvps
    Drvps7 dager siden

    I can not with the spice 😂

  • Dv Eis
    Dv Eis7 dager siden

    *F O O D F I X E R S*

  • Amaia Johnson
    Amaia Johnson7 dager siden

    You to should do a show call food fixers and food facts and food sins

  • A J Somebody
    A J Somebody8 dager siden


  • Ian H
    Ian H8 dager siden

    yto plz make food fixers a thing

  • Ava's Family
    Ava's Family8 dager siden

    honestly this just made me crave some good ole chester flammin hot fries

  • The Real Comic!Sins
    The Real Comic!Sins8 dager siden

    What the people who made the mac and cheese should have done was mix the spices into the cheese very throughly and then added hotfries on top

  • The Real Comic!Sins
    The Real Comic!Sins8 dager siden

    But MatPat, MythBusters already did a myth on the 5 second rule

  • Potato Clutz
    Potato Clutz8 dager siden

    whos from Cheetos theory?

    MAMA RIBS8 dager siden

    i would try the one with flaming hot cheetos

  • AlphaxWolf5751
    AlphaxWolf57518 dager siden

    Hot cheetos in ramen is really good

  • Karel Hnedkovsky
    Karel Hnedkovsky8 dager siden

    If I didn't know any better, I could honestly believe these two are actual siblings!

  • Karel Hnedkovsky
    Karel Hnedkovsky8 dager siden

    Food fixers should be a real show!

  • Haplessnote 9418
    Haplessnote 94188 dager siden

    Funny if they were English rosssna wouldnt of said nut cheese

  • Thea FunRun
    Thea FunRun8 dager siden

    Grilled Cheese vs. Melt Aussies: *sigh why do they have debates over toasties.....

  • Pop Goh
    Pop Goh8 dager siden

    Everyday california strays further from humanity

  • Seyedahmad Banihashemi
    Seyedahmad Banihashemi8 dager siden

    this would be so funny if matpat just looked at her and say nice industrial waste for cows

  • MicManGuy
    MicManGuy8 dager siden

    It's the water. Any amount of steam makes the cheetos taste stale. You have to be very careful in order to preserve the crunch when using cheetos as an ingredient.

  • Linda Collatt
    Linda Collatt8 dager siden

    I’m watching this at two in the morning I’m super hungry this is making me even more hungry

  • AnneJoie
    AnneJoie8 dager siden

    Cheese pizza and hot flaming cheeto.

  • Xavier Huff
    Xavier Huff8 dager siden

    are you guys eating food or making shows

  • Corey sease
    Corey sease8 dager siden

    I think alot of these cheetos are fresh but due to the steam and moister from the pizza box etc. Caused them to taste stell

  • Ruchi Khera
    Ruchi Khera8 dager siden

    How many of u came here from matpats Cheetos video?

  • Gabby DoesPLAY
    Gabby DoesPLAY8 dager siden

    The most wholesomest MUKBANG Challenge I've ever seen

  • Darran A
    Darran A8 dager siden

    3:50 when you thought MatPat started shooting lasers at food test: he's shining light now :D

  • Colourful Corgis
    Colourful Corgis8 dager siden

    you are both very smart, but then you get together and you share a single brain cell

  • MasahiroMew.
    MasahiroMew.8 dager siden

    Pat do be lookin like a ps5 doe

  • Markus Aquarius
    Markus Aquarius8 dager siden

    Me in my Headset!

  • Logan Gaudreau
    Logan Gaudreau8 dager siden

    They are long lost siblings but my friends that's just a theory a game theory.

  • MLMLee
    MLMLee8 dager siden

    Craft Mac and cheese already has several Cheeto Mac and cheese. Honestly it’s gross tho. No offense if u like it

  • Grejee13 Gabinete
    Grejee13 Gabinete8 dager siden

    Whos here from the food theory ??

  • Zer0 W0lf

    Zer0 W0lf

    7 dager siden

    I am.

  • MLMLee
    MLMLee8 dager siden

    Honestly she looks so young so if u hear her actual age it would shock u