Dogs See The New House For The First Time!

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Their reactions are priceless! Which room should I make a tour video of first???
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I cant believe I'm how excited my #dogs were seeing the new #house for the first time! This video reminded me of surprising a family member, but it was my French Bulldogs! I had a blast giving them a #tour of the new place. They are settling in already and love playing ball out back, snoozing in the theater, and we even put carpet on the stairs already for them to safely go up and down!
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  • Rosanna Pansino
    Rosanna PansinoMåned siden

    This silly video was SO fun to make! Should I vlog more???

  • Dava Rai7han

    Dava Rai7han

    3 dager siden

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  • Neeraja Srinivasan

    Neeraja Srinivasan

    5 dager siden


  • Aloha- go to my about page please!

    Aloha- go to my about page please!

    10 dager siden

    yes duhh!

  • Rosie Hanrahan

    Rosie Hanrahan

    16 dager siden

    Hi my name is Rosie I love baking and I want to be like you when I grow up

  • Weird things with Katie and Thanh

    Weird things with Katie and Thanh

    17 dager siden

    Yessss you should totally do a video about how smart are you dogs (part 2) 😄🐕

  • ILove Pubg
    ILove PubgTime siden

  • Amathyst Parrelli
    Amathyst Parrelli2 dager siden

    coconut is like me when I'm about to get something fun.

  • Rosie Panda
    Rosie Panda2 dager siden

    Were's cookie?

  • Caroline Wilkie
    Caroline Wilkie3 dager siden

    You only like coconut

  • Shomya Mishra
    Shomya Mishra3 dager siden

    Please give full House tour

  • Galaxy 123
    Galaxy 1235 dager siden

    it has been so long seence i have seen you rosana

  • Neeraja Srinivasan
    Neeraja Srinivasan5 dager siden

    Ro, do a house tour I really wanna see ur house!

  • Princess Snowwie Henson
    Princess Snowwie Henson6 dager siden

    I showed this to my new Frenchie puppy and she LOVES Blueberry and Coconut

  • SmoothieGuy
    SmoothieGuy8 dager siden

    Hug both dogs

  • LøneNaddog o-o
    LøneNaddog o-o8 dager siden

    What’s the temperature there?- Also I think I’ll love your house just by looking at the start of the video. Ily, I’ve watched you since I was 5

  • Junu Roy Roy
    Junu Roy Roy9 dager siden

    Kitchen tour

  • *Bunny *
    *Bunny *10 dager siden

    Omg I’m your biggest fan I have watched baketopia before too!

  • kenyon krew
    kenyon krew11 dager siden

    i have one question wheres cookie?

  • Matthew Lawson
    Matthew Lawson14 dager siden

    Yyaaassss NOlocal hbomax moneyyy honeyyyy

  • mesbah alshumrani
    mesbah alshumrani15 dager siden

    Hi RO I am a big fan ...... I wanted to say to everyone RIP cookie ✊🏽 please see this I really want you to see this!!!

  • LILLY Fox
    LILLY Fox15 dager siden

    Where’s cookie?

  • Groovi Corn
    Groovi Corn17 dager siden

    where is cookie

  • Alison Downing

    Alison Downing

    15 dager siden

    Cookie passed away.

  • AshTheIntroverted
    AshTheIntroverted17 dager siden

    Her house is so beautiful I can’t

  • Dafena Osirus
    Dafena Osirus18 dager siden

    I hear the snoring

  • Mariana Carter
    Mariana Carter18 dager siden

    That is Rebecca's house

  • Covid cuteies Sakina syed
    Covid cuteies Sakina syed18 dager siden

    What happened to cookie

  • Alison Downing

    Alison Downing

    15 dager siden

    Cookie passed away.

  • Zaneta Brocklebank
    Zaneta Brocklebank19 dager siden

    Is it gust blues and coconut house

  • anonymus user
    anonymus user20 dager siden

    Fur babies

  • Sofia Devos
    Sofia Devos21 dag siden

    you should bye the dogs a fancy dog house

  • Beren Demir Özdemir
    Beren Demir Özdemir21 dag siden


  • Emily Fritz
    Emily Fritz21 dag siden

    is it okay if i ask what happened to frank?

  • • Alexandra •
    • Alexandra •21 dag siden

    Not to sound like a Debbie downer but even though it is legal in most states, your dogs aren’t going to enjoy it in the long run when you slam on the breaks or get into a car crash and the dogs go flying through the windshield.....just saying.

  • Daisy Mae
    Daisy Mae22 dager siden

    I love ro so much, like when she was in escape the night and - SPOILERS - died it was the only one I cried at, she is so sweet ❤️

  • schism
    schism22 dager siden

    Haha wow this is amazing. What I noticed is my dog always loves it when I do the things I like and relax, like when I game CoD or listen to some of my favourite bands like AC/DC, Delta Parole, Lifehouse it feel like my dog is rocking out to the music together with me. Being a dog owner is one of the most rewarding things I have done in my life, if you can give your dog the time he or she needs you will learn something new about your dog every day.

  • Carli Olsen
    Carli Olsen22 dager siden

    i love how blue berry just sleeps all the time if she’s not playing and coconut is always playing or jumping ✨✨

  • Itz cookie breeze And shabow
    Itz cookie breeze And shabow23 dager siden

    We miss you cockie!!!!

  • Princess Offemaria
    Princess Offemaria23 dager siden

    were is cookie 🐾🐾🤗☹️

  • Deborah Hlahla
    Deborah Hlahla26 dager siden

    they are sooo cute I love dogs cute🐶🐶🐶🐶🤗🤗🤗🤗🐕🐕🐕🐕💕💕💕💕

  • Ellie and Hannah
    Ellie and Hannah26 dager siden

    Any youtube tips? trying to make to 5k

  • Kyla Fitzgerald
    Kyla Fitzgerald27 dager siden

    WHEN DID COOKIE DIE??????????

  • Bethany Shields
    Bethany Shields27 dager siden

    So nobody is going to talk about how to dogs have a nicer room than me😳 anyway love the new house❤️

  • Deni Azhari
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  • Sophie Arana
    Sophie Arana28 dager siden

    Who else is ready for a official home tour

  • Sophie Arana
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  • Maniac Wolf Glax
    Maniac Wolf Glax28 dager siden

    I don't get snow until 2025

  • King Doe
    King Doe29 dager siden

    We need a full house tour lol

  • Kamila Gomez
    Kamila Gomez29 dager siden


  • Emma Panzica
    Emma Panzica29 dager siden

    This is so adorable and sweet! Such cute puppies! God bless you all!!

  • Leanne Rae
    Leanne RaeMåned siden

    This video makes me so happy!

  • Kristina Martin
    Kristina MartinMåned siden

    What a adorable video love it!! Glad they are finally in your new beautiful home

  • TheMachFive Pets
    TheMachFive PetsMåned siden

    What happened to cookie?

  • Raelee Carroll
    Raelee CarrollMåned siden

    Where is your dog Cookie

  • Jonathan Hoskins

    Jonathan Hoskins

    Måned siden

    @Raelee Carroll :') she had a good life

  • Raelee Carroll

    Raelee Carroll

    Måned siden

    @Jonathan Hoskins oh no that is really sad

  • Raelee Carroll

    Raelee Carroll

    Måned siden

    @Jonathan Hoskins. That really 😢

  • Jonathan Hoskins

    Jonathan Hoskins

    Måned siden

    she died :'(

  • Blanca Delgado
    Blanca DelgadoMåned siden

    OMG!!! Your dogs are so cute!!!😍🤗😇

  • Jeff Mills
    Jeff MillsMåned siden

    Do a Home Tour PLZ

  • carla daGamer
    carla daGamerMåned siden

    What About cookie ......... Nevermind 😭

  • Bella Blossom
    Bella BlossomMåned siden

    I think this house was made by the same people who made matt and rebeccas house check out their house tour the backyard looks similar

  • Savannah POLK
    Savannah POLKMåned siden

    I just noticed im sorry for the loss of cookie I loved her but now you have coconut

  • SimplyLantern
    SimplyLanternMåned siden

    Oh my gosh your dogs are so cute!! I have the same breed as Coconut and Blueberry!! SO CUTE ! You train them so well

  • Android Tetan
    Android TetanMåned siden


  • Android Tetan

    Android Tetan

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  • Mano Khan
    Mano KhanMåned siden

    Can you do a house tour

  • Amber Cummins
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  • Kaleyxlove Queen
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  • Kfo stylist
    Kfo stylistMåned siden

    Ro is like a kid in a candy store with her dogs

  • dice
    diceMåned siden

    Why is your bathroom bigger than my Sitting Room holy heck

  • Zahraa
    ZahraaMåned siden

    Ro and justine are the best youtubers in the world

  • Christopher Aleman
    Christopher AlemanMåned siden

    Where’s Cookie your dog?

  • Jonathan Hoskins

    Jonathan Hoskins

    Måned siden

    cookie died in 2020 :'(

  • Aivon Green
    Aivon GreenMåned siden

    Awwww🥺🥺 look at rosanna’s little run🥺🥰🥰 dogs are my favorite 😻

  • Adrianne Leston
    Adrianne LestonMåned siden

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  • Jonathan Hoskins

    Jonathan Hoskins

    Måned siden

    cookie died in 2020 :'(

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    シhayhayMåned siden

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  • Julie Plays
    Julie PlaysMåned siden

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  • Amanda Topel
    Amanda TopelMåned siden

    I'm sure there were a lot of new smells in the house but they looked like they were enjoying themselves.

  • Anna Tabrett
    Anna TabrettMåned siden

    Can you do a final house tour?

  • Desiree Wilber
    Desiree WilberMåned siden

    love that this was a vlog super fun to watch and please do a full house tour and pantry tour please please please

  • Natasha Motta Mortensen
    Natasha Motta MortensenMåned siden

    Would literally trade lives with those dogs

  • Devika Sheth
    Devika ShethMåned siden

    I love your style in clothes.

  • Alina Kelsey
    Alina KelseyMåned siden

    The bedroom kinda looks like Piper Rockelle’s bedroom- the bed and balcony are in the same place and you can see the pool from the balcony.

  • Violet Hill
    Violet HillMåned siden

    hello everyone


    S-so cookie died?

  • Jonathan Hoskins

    Jonathan Hoskins

    Måned siden

    yes. :'(

  • Corban Farms
    Corban FarmsMåned siden

    Omg! You live in luxury!! 😱😱😱

  • Sheila Kaw
    Sheila KawMåned siden


  • Safari VS
    Safari VSMåned siden

    Ro Pansino I would really like you to make a NOlocal channel for blueberry muffin and a coconut

  • Koalacorn Gaming, dolls, and cousin gamings!
    Koalacorn Gaming, dolls, and cousin gamings!Måned siden

    Ur awesome Rosanna!! 👩🏽‍🦱♥️

  • Alastair Davis
    Alastair DavisMåned siden

    I think they loved it so much but the home is really good and the best I’ve ever seen Rosanna🥰😍

  • avaproomg
    avaproomgMåned siden

    omg when she ran from the she looked so cute and short. thats ro for ya

  • avaproomg
    avaproomgMåned siden

    how does he live with all that energy. rose is like a energy bank. I love her so much tho. and I love her cakes

  • Drew Blackmon
    Drew BlackmonMåned siden

    It’s so cute how they do everything together and my dog snores really loudly and if I were filming you would hear her

  • Anneya Galario
    Anneya GalarioMåned siden

    Who else is still sad about cookie

  • briannaxolove
    briannaxoloveMåned siden

    I have two add to five but I had to French bulldogs and I have a clean one in aThe blue one

  • briannaxolove
    briannaxoloveMåned siden

    I have a chocolate cake I have a salad for two months

  • Chloe Myers
    Chloe MyersMåned siden

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    Zoana HaqueMåned siden

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  • James Marney
    James MarneyMåned siden

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  • Khushi Kapadia
    Khushi KapadiaMåned siden

    Hey I feel like it looks like Rebecca zamolos house in the outside a bit

  • Lesley Raef
    Lesley RaefMåned siden

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  • gacha girl
    gacha girlMåned siden

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  • gacha girl
    gacha girlMåned siden

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  • Gaunik Soni
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    mara mariMåned siden

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  • Mimi Vu
    Mimi VuMåned siden

    can anyone tell me what the camp is called because soon I’m going on vacation and I would love to take my puppy there

  • Nathalee Gavris
    Nathalee GavrisMåned siden

    I am small like u but I love your channel

  • Indira Widya
    Indira WidyaMåned siden

    the doggies bedroom is prettier than mine tho AHAHA

  • Always Olivia
    Always OliviaMåned siden

    I love how u can hear dogs drinking it’s so cute can I squish them pleaseeeeeee🥺🐾🐾