Combining Every Gingerbread House Into A MANSION

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Anyone else excited for the holidays???
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We had so much fun #Trying all of these #Gingerbread #Holiday kits into one mega mansion!

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  • Rosanna Pansino
    Rosanna PansinoÅr siden

    Happy Holidays everyone! What do you think of our Gingerbread MANSION?? 😂❤️

  • Anne Duriez

    Anne Duriez

    3 dager siden

    Beautiful house

  • Anne Duriez

    Anne Duriez

    3 dager siden

    Beautiful house

  • Zahra Hamdulay

    Zahra Hamdulay

    13 dager siden

    I love it so much

  • Haylee Casas

    Haylee Casas

    29 dager siden

    Love You Ro

  • Haylee Casas

    Haylee Casas

    29 dager siden

    Love you Ro

  • Haylee Casas
    Haylee Casas3 dager siden


  • Anne Duriez
    Anne Duriez3 dager siden

    Do a pawpatrol cake lookout

  • Riley Sanborn
    Riley Sanborn7 dager siden

    roseanna, it would be my dream if YOU and Justine baked me something!!!!!!! love you guys

  • Pia Dsilva
    Pia Dsilva7 dager siden

    Ro please do collaborate with Ijustine

  • Hossain Ahmed
    Hossain Ahmed8 dager siden

    Ro umm not trying to be mean but those eyebrows thicc

  • Hoang Tran
    Hoang Tran10 dager siden

    Everybody that think she glue house to table she turn bored table wood! When she turn bored did you see the wood table?

  • Anaisha Patel
    Anaisha Patel14 dager siden

    scrolling through the comments while watching the video - am I the only one that does this !? 😂😂

  • Pia Dsilva

    Pia Dsilva

    7 dager siden

    No I am doing it right now

  • Alexandria Verwoerd
    Alexandria Verwoerd15 dager siden

    Justine: AHHHH COOKIE THATS MY BUTT!!!!!!! Screams: Just plain screams My mom: WHat ArE yOu wATcInG

  • sureshkanth selvarasa
    sureshkanth selvarasa15 dager siden

    Oh my that is amazing it looks amazing my mouth is watering!

  • sureshkanth selvarasa
    sureshkanth selvarasa15 dager siden

    WOW!!!...One question,Who eats this?!

  • Andrea Halsey
    Andrea Halsey15 dager siden

    9 more!!!

  • Lilianna Sealey
    Lilianna Sealey19 dager siden

    I am watching this in 2021 WWWWHHHHAAAAATTTT

  • Ellena Relkin
    Ellena Relkin22 dager siden

    Lol love video❤️❤️❤️🥰😍😻

  • Baylor Winningham
    Baylor Winningham23 dager siden

    I love your gingerbread house.

  • Jana Semplecxt gp
    Jana Semplecxt gp23 dager siden

    I love you Rose because your videos are the best and when you make a cake makes me hungry and wants to have pick you do the best

  • Autumn Trickey
    Autumn Trickey25 dager siden

    You need to be my architect because my family is moving THIS year and they still can't agree on what the house should look like.

  • Alice Komarova
    Alice Komarova25 dager siden


  • Noor Sarah
    Noor Sarah25 dager siden

    Check out Rossana, Safiya , I justine The best youtuber

  • Liliana Cluck
    Liliana Cluck25 dager siden

    For the cyber truck after u should have cut the cookie to the trucks shape

  • Anna Katherine
    Anna Katherine27 dager siden

    Ro was saying that "WE are doing are great job" when Justine was doing all the work

  • Rabea Sami
    Rabea Sami27 dager siden

    U outed glue on the roof too how r u going to eat it now!!???!!!!!!

  • BFFs gaming
    BFFs gaming28 dager siden

    ro talking about random stuff justin umm a little help her girl your making this to duh lol lmao

  • Annabelle Lindquist
    Annabelle Lindquist28 dager siden


  • stovestop stovestopping
    stovestop stovestopping29 dager siden

    Look Fun Ginger bread mansion 10/10

  • Rylee Miller
    Rylee Miller29 dager siden


  • Jessie Lesher
    Jessie Lesher29 dager siden

    I love this video

  • Luis Vera
    Luis VeraMåned siden

    It is okay but wuy are you useing hot glue .

  • Sheraya Peiris
    Sheraya PeirisMåned siden

    U guys have 67 vids together?!?

  • Sleep Mask
    Sleep MaskMåned siden

    I can’t believe this was posted almost a year ago

  • Jamie Hay
    Jamie HayMåned siden

    What your in a situation WITH GINGER bread 😱 omg so fun🤗

  • sofi chan
    sofi chanMåned siden

    4:07 *sacrifices must be made for the cyber truck 👹*

  • timepass
    timepassMåned siden

    the moment i saw the mansion i got so many ideas to improve my flying car blueprint

  • Maria Dakkan
    Maria DakkanMåned siden

    I LOVE YOU SO MUCH 👄❤💙💛💜💖💗💘💝💞💞💟💟💘💗💘

  • Eden Brathwaite
    Eden BrathwaiteMåned siden

    I definitely don’t think you’re able to get one for 2020

  • Joy Schoolfield
    Joy SchoolfieldMåned siden

    I am making a gingerbread house today

  • Emma Villa
    Emma VillaMåned siden

    (Justine) this is the only oreo that survived that bag.

  • Emma Villa
    Emma VillaMåned siden

    I love both of your channels

  • Kaleah Bobbyw
    Kaleah BobbywMåned siden

    Happy holidays Ro

  • DizzyXxIzzy
    DizzyXxIzzyMåned siden

    Ro:"If you know what i mean" 😉 Me:AHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAH LOLOL

  • Eclipse wolfie
    Eclipse wolfieMåned siden

    Ro: is the icing wierd? Justine: *nods head weirdly and does wierd head movements Me: Blame the H.O.A

  • Karlina Kovacevic
    Karlina KovacevicMåned siden

    7:15 i found that too relatable

  • emily excellence
    emily excellenceMåned siden

    Justine “ make reservations for 2020” then COVID you ain’t going anywhere.

  • Nancy Juice
    Nancy JuiceMåned siden

    This is how many people liked this video

  • Reese Ryan
    Reese RyanMåned siden

    Good Job

    ROSIE LOPEZ TUMAXMåned siden

    the playlist is 60

  • Ava Marvin
    Ava MarvinMåned siden

    5:37 Justine: "accepting reservations in 2020" Corona: Lets add a little spice to that.

  • Purkle
    PurkleMåned siden

    666 dislikes 😰

  • Yesiamsophie
    YesiamsophieMåned siden

    I ❤️that they use hot glue 😂

  • Kennedy Allen
    Kennedy AllenMåned siden

    Ro: " we aremaking a franken mega mansion!" Safiaya: "YOU SUMMOND ME?!"

  • Zizi El Halabi
    Zizi El HalabiMåned siden

    This is the best video on NOlocal

  • JustBriiTv
    JustBriiTvMåned siden

    Why have I never seen these flavors/brands in stores

  • M Torres
    M TorresMåned siden

    Ro sounds tipsy lol

  • Douglas Glover
    Douglas GloverMåned siden

    I need a third story

  • Douglas Glover

    Douglas Glover

    Måned siden

    How is Santa Claus going to get up there

  • Lola loud
    Lola loudMåned siden

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  • Puppy Twins Macias
    Puppy Twins MaciasMåned siden

    Making reversations for 2020 2020: CANCELLED! 🤪😚❤️

  • malofricka_
    malofricka_Måned siden

    Ro sounds like Missy from bigmouth on netflix. 😭

  • Tarryn Hunter
    Tarryn HunterMåned siden

    I really wanna open the Oreo one just so i can see what’s in it** ahaha u are so funny yes Oreos LETS GO

  • Isela Roman
    Isela RomanMåned siden


  • Abhay Family
    Abhay FamilyMåned siden

    I miss these types of videos! ☺️ Hopefully after this virus is over, Rosanna will do more collabs with Justine! Their videos are always so fun to watch!

  • The A&A Sisters
    The A&A SistersMåned siden

    That was AMAZING!!! You guys did great and I'd love for u to build my house!😂🍬🍫❤🍭🏠

  • Saja Chehab
    Saja ChehabMåned siden

    Ro: let’s decorate! Justine: eats candy Ro: 🤦‍♀️😂

  • jose garcia
    jose garciaMåned siden


  • Emily Angelini-lyons
    Emily Angelini-lyonsMåned siden

    They can’t eat the gingerbread I’m breaking down watching this 😢😢😢 Help!!!

  • Rainbow Art 2.0
    Rainbow Art 2.0Måned siden


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    Ashley AzerMåned siden

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    Nicole StaedtlerMåned siden

    i have a hot glue gun and l am ten

  • Baby Min Suga’s FLOOFY HAIR
    Baby Min Suga’s FLOOFY HAIRMåned siden

    I was triggered when they used hot glue to glue the gingerbread house 😡😡😡😡😡

  • Dawn Koontz
    Dawn KoontzMåned siden

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    Dean DemartinMåned siden

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    starr balchardMåned siden

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    Eric McClellanMåned siden

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    daisyxsunflowerplaysMåned siden

    This was exactly one year ago! Dec 11, 2019 and now its Dec 11, 2020. Anyone else watching it today?

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    Kelsey GMåned siden

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  • Cssy_5473
    Cssy_5473Måned siden

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  • Maximiliano Polloni
    Maximiliano PolloniMåned siden

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  • Aahir Sengupta
    Aahir SenguptaMåned siden

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  • flower
    flowerMåned siden

    No offence but yall wasting ginger Bread by glueing it. It's not edible anymore

  • Emma rodrigue is awsome
    Emma rodrigue is awsomeMåned siden

    Bob the builder is quaking

  • Sovanika Oum
    Sovanika OumMåned siden

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  • Sharon Horsfall
    Sharon HorsfallMåned siden

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  • Vivian Christenson
    Vivian ChristensonMåned siden

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  • Vivian Christenson
    Vivian ChristensonMåned siden

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  • Jeel Patel
    Jeel PatelMåned siden

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  • Benjamin Seruvatu
    Benjamin SeruvatuMåned siden

    I love it ,but theres ment to be iceing

  • Alisha Kapoor
    Alisha KapoorMåned siden

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    Raj RaveendranMåned siden

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    Paola PerazaMåned siden

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    Simon BuskellMåned siden

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    Simon BuskellMåned siden

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