Combining Every Gingerbread House Into A MANSION

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Anyone else excited for the holidays???
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We had so much fun #Trying all of these #Gingerbread #Holiday kits into one mega mansion!

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  • Rosanna Pansino
    Rosanna Pansino10 måneder siden

    Happy Holidays everyone! What do you think of our Gingerbread MANSION?? 😂❤️

  • Patti Organ-Blersch

    Patti Organ-Blersch

    Dag siden

    Love it it’s so Awesome 👏🏻👩🏽‍🍳

  • Adam Wilson

    Adam Wilson

    Dag siden

    DAV V o

  • Simone Jackson

    Simone Jackson

    6 dager siden

    I love it

  • Shaima Hameed

    Shaima Hameed

    6 dager siden

    No but it’s really cute Lol

  • Shaima Hameed

    Shaima Hameed

    6 dager siden

    I um.. I love it

  • Cory Grega
    Cory Grega3 timer siden

    You are supposed to use frosting from josslynn

  • Omkari Kola
    Omkari Kola4 timer siden

    I hate it now one does that

  • Mckenzie Bravo
    Mckenzie Bravo2 dager siden

    I love HGTV and you

  • Paul Cowlam
    Paul Cowlam2 dager siden

    I think Justine ate more candy than on the house lol 😂

  • itsRielintubehd
    itsRielintubehd2 dager siden

    Your using hot glue.....😺😯

  • josue colon
    josue colon2 dager siden

    The ginger bread is sooo huge and so cool, it will so cool if it was real!!!🎄🎄🎄

  • Sissy Navarro
    Sissy Navarro3 dager siden

    That is crazy

  • Zoha Masood
    Zoha Masood3 dager siden

    I live in Pakistan islambad koring town street 9 house number 17

  • Zoha Masood
    Zoha Masood3 dager siden

    Ro if I want a house and if you build my house and also you said call me we can’t call you we don’t have a number

  • Paul Gangte
    Paul Gangte3 dager siden

    Happy Holidays everyone

  • Noora Fathima
    Noora Fathima3 dager siden

    It is so good 😍

  • Makeup by Kenya P
    Makeup by Kenya P3 dager siden

    I wonder what happened to yr table after

  • farah L
    farah L3 dager siden

    You made 60

  • farah L
    farah L3 dager siden


  • Selena Ishak
    Selena Ishak4 dager siden

    Is ro OK she is gluing a gingerbread house on her table or am I seeing thing's HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!

  • Selena Ishak

    Selena Ishak

    4 dager siden

    Nvm there is a piece of cardboard under it

  • Grimellys Ruiz
    Grimellys Ruiz4 dager siden

    i've been learning inglish for a long time ,and you've been helping me a lot to learn new words:) i am brasilian and sometimes i can't understand what you are saying when you speak very fast but i unsderstad almost the complet video,i love you bye

  • Zoey Rector
    Zoey Rector4 dager siden

    Shes using hot glue for a GingerBRED HOUSE this is an abombanation🍪

  • Grimellys Ruiz
    Grimellys Ruiz4 dager siden

    hey,please speak slowly 🥺💓

  • Cinthya Macias
    Cinthya Macias5 dager siden

    ok how much is it?

  • Maci Gannon
    Maci Gannon5 dager siden

    I love it and you your the best

  • Kathleen Young
    Kathleen Young6 dager siden

    i love it!!! are you gonna find a way to eat it?

  • Elizabeth Poirier
    Elizabeth Poirier7 dager siden

    I got the haribo one fokr Christmas I ate all the candy before I even made the house lol

  • Zoya Zahid
    Zoya Zahid7 dager siden

    OK can't u guys buy some edible glue shouldn't Ro now about that?:-) :-)

  • Sara Zouhair Boules
    Sara Zouhair Boules8 dager siden

    them: buliding me:they wasted so many ginger bread but it is so cool

  • Suvi Sanjay Yadav
    Suvi Sanjay Yadav8 dager siden

    Ro: Is the icing good? Justine: AHHHHHHHHHE Ro: Ok Ok then dont eat the icing its weird Also Ro: OMG! No!! Justine: Owww! Cookie that's my butt! U guys have made 67 vids together just sayin hehehe

  • Astro Cl0uds
    Astro Cl0uds8 dager siden

    Seeing ijustine use scissors instead of a knife wow that’s a first

  • Jennifer Elliott
    Jennifer Elliott9 dager siden

    You have 67 videos together!

  • Germino, Alwena
    Germino, Alwena9 dager siden

    Hey, I thought I was the only one who'd glue a gingerbread house to a table😅😅😅

  • Sonali Singh
    Sonali Singh10 dager siden

    Beginning of video (Ro): ALWAYS LISTEN TO H.O.A.'S. Almost the end of the vid ( Ro ): Just go for it don't listen to the H.O.A.'s.

  • Shehrin Mubasshira

    Shehrin Mubasshira

    10 dager siden

    you mean ro

  • Berta Silva
    Berta Silva11 dager siden

    It's my birthday this day 🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂

  • SignCraft1
    SignCraft111 dager siden

    I would a 100% live in that house!! :D

  • Dancing Sisters
    Dancing Sisters11 dager siden

    This is a (design choice)

  • Adele Mansfield
    Adele Mansfield12 dager siden

    How the heck did she get the gingerbread house of of the table

  • Kk vlogs With Kaydence
    Kk vlogs With Kaydence12 dager siden

    I love how they think we can go to an air bnb in 2020

  • Emma Payn
    Emma Payn12 dager siden

    *blueberry enters* Justine:”you can’t eat this we live here!” 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Violet Goodwin
    Violet Goodwin13 dager siden

    How many hours it took to clean up 👇

  • swati Jadhav
    swati Jadhav13 dager siden

    Love it so much 😍😍❤❤💕💕💖💖💘💘💋💋👄👄💝💝💞💞💌💌

  • swati Jadhav
    swati Jadhav13 dager siden

    I love yours video

  • muzna kashimji
    muzna kashimji13 dager siden

    is that real glue

  • Naz Asif
    Naz Asif15 dager siden

    DiD SHe jUst gLUe A GinGeR BreAD HouSe tO HeR tAbLE And WAStE It aLl !!!!!!

  • Ednarayan
    Ednarayan15 dager siden

    R❤️: "how wide can we get this?" Aslo R❤️: "you know what I mean? ;)" LMAO

  • Meerab Noor
    Meerab Noor16 dager siden

    Ro are you mad

  • madhavi reddy
    madhavi reddy17 dager siden

    Did anyone notice Rosannas eyebrows

  • O mundo de Manu
    O mundo de Manu18 dager siden


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    Beach girl playz :D18 dager siden

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    Yira Maria19 dager siden

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  • Kari Bonaro
    Kari Bonaro20 dager siden

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  • Marsh Homeschool
    Marsh Homeschool20 dager siden

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  • Destiny Ream
    Destiny Ream21 dag siden

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  • Zoe Tice
    Zoe Tice21 dag siden

    what number should i send a voice note to about a house

  • oluwadunbarin harrison-oloye
    oluwadunbarin harrison-oloye21 dag siden


  • flighwright
    flighwright22 dager siden

    love it

  • Noor !
    Noor !22 dager siden

    You know how Justine loves holding sharp things!🤣🤣

  • Lisa Brockway
    Lisa Brockway23 dager siden

    I like how the cars are as big as the house😂

  • pinkymai 04
    pinkymai 0424 dager siden

    5:38 Justine: Mhm, reservations for 2020!!! *2020 starts* Me: NEVER MIND!!!! 😂😂😂💖💖

  • haya aldarmaki
    haya aldarmaki24 dager siden

    Tell justen i am a big fan👱🏻‍♀️👩🏼👩🏻‍🦱

  • Ogbewele Blessing
    Ogbewele Blessing25 dager siden

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  • Ogbewele Blessing
    Ogbewele Blessing25 dager siden

    Wat in world are you talking about😥

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    Colette Fulgencio27 dager siden

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    Halima Khatun.29 dager siden

    Someone get these girls their own show please! *Drumroll* Drum roll please.... Called... Ro and Jo's Show💖💕

  • dindin azoromer
    dindin azoromerMåned siden

    Umm im sad cuz u use glue gun

  • Chloé Sharpe
    Chloé SharpeMåned siden

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  • monica bass
    monica bassMåned siden


  • Paulina Azmin
    Paulina AzminMåned siden

    Ro: maybe this will look awesome Justine: or maybe it won't BIG PAUSE Me at home :laughing my head of

  • Paulina Azmin
    Paulina AzminMåned siden

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    Sophia GloverMåned siden

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    Eliza SalamMåned siden

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  • Lin Liu
    Lin LiuMåned siden


  • Sakhi Dilip
    Sakhi DilipMåned siden

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  • K Clements
    K ClementsMåned siden


  • Ab Dab
    Ab DabMåned siden

    Someone just texts Ro and says hey Ro what are you doing And Ro responds with Oh just building a gingerbread mansion to my table nothing exciting what about you

  • Polar Queen
    Polar QueenMåned siden

    2:29 Ro: This is the dog 2:34 Blue: Am I a joke to u??!?

  • Yalda Ghoreyshi
    Yalda GhoreyshiMåned siden

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    Miriam PereaMåned siden

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  • Anna Casagrande
    Anna CasagrandeMåned siden

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  • TroublesomeTrio원피스
    TroublesomeTrio원피스Måned siden

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  • Avni Mehta
    Avni MehtaMåned siden

    is it just me or is using hot glue for a gingerbread house weird?

  • that girl London
    that girl LondonMåned siden

    You should remake this house but make this like cardboard or paper so thin you can remember the time that you made a giant gingerbread house out of a whole bunch of gingerbread houses

  • Josephine Sheesley
    Josephine SheesleyMåned siden

    Ro: Exactly what you want to hear when your building your house "They're sort of identical". Me: Turns out that some of my accents don't touch the ground when they're supposed to.

  • Kimicha Perez
    Kimicha PerezMåned siden

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  • Lillie
    LillieMåned siden

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    Heidy MondragonMåned siden

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    DIYA DILJITH ICSEMåned siden

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    Stupid PotatoMåned siden

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    amber kirby2 måneder siden

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