Buying My Dogs Everything They Touch!!

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Today I took my 2 French Bulldogs to different pet stores and bought everything they touched!
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We had so much fun #Buying Everything our #Dogs Touched! I cant believe how many different toys and treats we got them for this #Vlog. We got chew toys, organic dog treats, dog beds, and even a new leash for them!
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  • Rosanna Pansino
    Rosanna PansinoÅr siden

    I hope you enjoy this video! It was the biggest Dog Haul ever! What video do you want to see next? 😊🐶🐶❤️ My Boyfriend Husky:

  • Jasmine Ramirez

    Jasmine Ramirez

    4 dager siden

    Part two

  • Isa's lps

    Isa's lps

    6 dager siden

    u shuld do a video of evrything u touch

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    Andrea Jaquez

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    Dislslxs SsxD

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    Camilla Whitney

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    Here is a 24-hour challenge: DON'T PET THE DOG!!!

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    Im really late

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    pradhuman jhala12 timer siden

    U do know that you can just return all of it if the tag is on and u have the receipt???.......

  • Jonathan Wassabi
    Jonathan Wassabi19 timer siden

    Ro: cookie maybe we go to the store and you just touch 1 thing. Cookie: No Ro: maybe 2 Cookie: No Ro: you wanna have try to do that Cookie: No

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    Sashvi Sankar22 timer siden

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    Theo Clive Lamine-simmonsDag siden

    Husky: Here is the recite🤣 It is bigger than ro

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    Buying My Dogs Everything They Touch!!* MOre like... Buying My Dogs Everything That Touches THem. like if you agree

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    random pan2 dager siden

    thats not good your poor money

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    Langston Duong3 dager siden

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    Sophia Roberts3 dager siden

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    Part two of whatever cookie and Blueberry touches you have to give them

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    Does anyone know which store they got the giant blue bed. Thanks if you know.(SEND THE LINK)

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    Kamila Plaud9 dager siden

    Buy whatever husky wants

  • Kamila Plaud
    Kamila Plaud9 dager siden

    Buying whatever husky wants

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    Valeria Rodriguez

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  • Valeria Rodriguez

    Valeria Rodriguez

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  • Valeria Rodriguez

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  • Valeria Rodriguez

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