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Did a Holiday Dog Haul!
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This is not a sponsored video. All products purchased by me. Today I did a #Dog #Haul! What other videos would you like to see?
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  • Rosanna Pansino
    Rosanna Pansino10 måneder siden

    I hope you enjoy today's Dog Haul! I also did a small Baby Haul for Greyson! What are you doing for the holidays? 😊❤️

  • Christina PAK

    Christina PAK

    6 dager siden

    love it

  • Jon Huck

    Jon Huck

    3 måneder siden

    Yes I love it

  • aditi Ujoodha

    aditi Ujoodha

    4 måneder siden


  • Jaime Freestone

    Jaime Freestone

    4 måneder siden


  • FOXbasit


    4 måneder siden


  • IDK & Stuff
    IDK & Stuff4 timer siden

    Me: *Watching the video from her "CHALLENGES VIDEOS, DIYS, & VLOGS" playlist.looks at how many videos there are in the playlist. Sees that there are 291. Says to myself: I can finish this in about a week or so."*

  • Olivia Panda1
    Olivia Panda12 dager siden


  • Beulah and Gracy in Wonderland
    Beulah and Gracy in Wonderland4 dager siden

    I love dogs

  • The Panda Famliy
    The Panda Famliy16 dager siden

    Awww omg the dog outfit and the toys is matching the baby outfit😍❤

  • JJ Rxses
    JJ Rxses17 dager siden

    People that dislike the video: dis i like No hate for this please

  • Shannon Hopkins-Thiel
    Shannon Hopkins-Thiel19 dager siden


  • Irina Rousakovski
    Irina Rousakovski24 dager siden


  • Wilson Munene
    Wilson Munene25 dager siden

    Cute puppy haul✌👌😊☺😊

  • Philip and Hope Patterson
    Philip and Hope PattersonMåned siden

    It makes me so sad that she said use the scores next year except cookies gone

  • Mike Longridge
    Mike LongridgeMåned siden

    I Live in Canada 🏠☕🥞

  • Mike Longridge
    Mike LongridgeMåned siden

    I Love your dogs 🐶

  • Mike Longridge
    Mike LongridgeMåned siden


  • Wei Siang Eng
    Wei Siang EngMåned siden

    Blue berry liked the bag and tried to bite it

  • Ashlee Caterson
    Ashlee CatersonMåned siden

    My friends think it is weird that I get my pets and my family and best friends pets Christmas presents. It isnt weird right?

  • Sarah Noonan
    Sarah NoonanMåned siden

    I think you should make a channel for your dogs. If you do make a channel for your dogs, you should do games and challenges!

  • Manoj Ladi
    Manoj LadiMåned siden


  • roxy rocha
    roxy rochaMåned siden

    This thumbnail is soo cute 🐶

  • Doli Rajput
    Doli RajputMåned siden


  • Mudiwa Mapuranga
    Mudiwa MapurangaMåned siden


  • Mudiwa Mapuranga

    Mudiwa Mapuranga

    Måned siden


  • Soha Omer
    Soha OmerMåned siden

    I just see a pet i am just clicking so hard on the subscribe button and the like button .😘 I ❤ PETS .

  • Luca Sanderson
    Luca SandersonMåned siden

    i just love seeing cookie grooming blueberry at 8:13

  • Sophia Fawcett
    Sophia FawcettMåned siden

    How is her hair ALWAYS so amazing aaaaaahhhh

  • Nathan Vandergrift
    Nathan VandergriftMåned siden

    You spoil your dogs but i dont care i spoil my kitties

  • Bella the frenchie
    Bella the frenchie2 måneder siden

    all my friends think it is weird i get my dog presents for birthdays, xmas, easter, eg. it isn't weird right? she is so cheeky and precious and a chunky monkey! she is also like the cutest frenchie ever! (besides from blue and cookie) also today was her second birthday so i obviously got her a couple of rope toys that she loved. we are properly celebrating on the weekend with some kind of special treat

  • don
    don2 måneder siden

    Who’s here after cookie 🍪 passed😭😢🥺🥺

  • Maggie Fluffy
    Maggie Fluffy2 måneder siden

    I love how on the naughty/nice drones are opposite of what you think. Naughty is green and red is nice

  • Maggie Fluffy
    Maggie Fluffy2 måneder siden

    Those dogs don’t need any more toys 🤣

  • dreaming world
    dreaming world2 måneder siden

    Why you don't buy a floof dogs they are so cute

  • Morgan LeClair
    Morgan LeClair2 måneder siden

    At 8:12 cookie started licking Blueberry muffins ear

  • Israel Lara
    Israel Lara2 måneder siden

    hey ro i am new to yur chanell im 6 years old but i had my sister write this for me i love your videos so much and your dogs your the best

  • Ashrafun Ara
    Ashrafun Ara2 måneder siden

    Who is watching after cookie passed away

  • Saha Queen
    Saha Queen2 måneder siden

    I keep watching ro I really want a French bulldog but my brother won’t let me

  • Dareddy Rajasekhar reddy
    Dareddy Rajasekhar reddy2 måneder siden

    wow! the dogs u have was very nice, they were really awsome and well trained

  • Hamster Heaven
    Hamster Heaven2 måneder siden

    8:11 Cookie licking Blueberry's ear 😆

  • Cris Rios
    Cris Rios2 måneder siden


  • Evalyn Moreno
    Evalyn Moreno3 måneder siden

    Hi ro I love your dogs and I've only hot dog once.

  • Evalyn Moreno

    Evalyn Moreno

    3 måneder siden

    Sorry I mean dog

  • HayAbb1213
    HayAbb12133 måneder siden

    Did you see at 8:12 cookie licking blueberry’s ear. It got me!🤣

  • N-1718-12 ZOYA S AGRAWAL
    N-1718-12 ZOYA S AGRAWAL3 måneder siden

    I really miss blueberry

    MADELESHA GUNTER3 måneder siden

    Yes yes yes👌😁

  • Drawing Slime Panda
    Drawing Slime Panda3 måneder siden

    love it

  • Pavitra Rao
    Pavitra Rao3 måneder siden

    I think u should make a video with Cloe coture

  • Margot Smith
    Margot Smith3 måneder siden

    Sorry to bring it up but I miss cookie😭

  • Diane Blankenship

    Diane Blankenship

    2 måneder siden

    Me too

  • Aiyana_ Potato!
    Aiyana_ Potato!3 måneder siden

    I will never look as cute as u 💛🥺💖

  • mythirdchannel
    mythirdchannel3 måneder siden

    nope, this one is not for me, I love the dogs but I don't think I can spend 13 minutes watching them get Christmas presents

  • Noah Martin
    Noah Martin3 måneder siden


  • Sudhir Larissa
    Sudhir Larissa3 måneder siden

    Yes on NOlocal

  • Ava Haas
    Ava Haas3 måneder siden

    I want to see baby Grayson in those Christmas outfits

  • smiler 16
    smiler 164 måneder siden

    Rest in peace Cookie 😭

  • Diane Blankenship

    Diane Blankenship

    2 måneder siden


  • Julia
    Julia4 måneder siden

    Oh my god I just realized I’ll be able to get my puppy (had her for 3 months) Christmas presents :D

  • Ilse Kruger
    Ilse Kruger4 måneder siden

    Hi i love your youtube channel and suister and your bogs and you 🙂🙂🙂

  • Sarah Wessel
    Sarah Wessel4 måneder siden

    Who else misses cookie😢 I hope she is looking after Ro as an angel.

  • Ava Molgaard
    Ava Molgaard4 måneder siden

    When to said that they should do a family photo next year with them all matching hit me hard bc Cookie has passed 😢😢

  • martin goulding
    martin goulding4 måneder siden


  • ggf ttf
    ggf ttf4 måneder siden

    In the middle of the video cookie lick blueberry

  • Bhanusree Ravikumar
    Bhanusree Ravikumar4 måneder siden

    How are u doing this

  • Yadira Peña
    Yadira Peña4 måneder siden

    yadira nersaz kerlisaz teray sersaz teray boyfriends girlfriends boyfriends girlfriends boyfriends girlfriends

  • Emmi Nolasco
    Emmi Nolasco4 måneder siden

    Here a few months after cookie died and as soon as ro said about taking the Christmas picture next year literally broke my heart😢

  • Anna Scheel
    Anna Scheel4 måneder siden

    I love ❤️ this video who else Heard the news about cookie all right do you cook you’ll be forever missed and loved❤️❤️

  • Avani Dasari
    Avani Dasari4 måneder siden

    Blueberry and Cookie are both nice not naughty.

  • Madison Fornaris
    Madison Fornaris4 måneder siden


  • Alexis Azel
    Alexis Azel4 måneder siden

    OMG where do u get those bows they r the cutest?!?!

  • Keyana Cherry
    Keyana Cherry4 måneder siden


  • Nancy Mejia
    Nancy Mejia4 måneder siden

    Lol!😂😂😂 Cookie has been naughty and Blueberry has been nice

  • Charlotte Gibson
    Charlotte Gibson4 måneder siden

    Ro: Last year Cookie experienced snow the first time! Everyone: Aw. Blueberry: SNOW?! Where!? *sniff* Also Blueberry Muffin: No snow, Mom. You lied, again.

  • jade russell
    jade russell4 måneder siden

    It breaks my heart we won't see Cookie on the Christmas card this year in matching plaid. I hope you are doing well. You are such a ray of sunshine in these hard times. xx

  • Claire Conklin
    Claire Conklin5 måneder siden

    Is anyone else watching this when cookie is gone 😭

    CARLIZ CAMPOS5 måneder siden


  • Sienna W
    Sienna W5 måneder siden

    can you do the 24 hour challenge in the bathroom

  • Amber Madsen
    Amber Madsen5 måneder siden

    I love Ro's hair it's gorgeous!

  • Autumn Windwood
    Autumn Windwood5 måneder siden

    PLEASE! PLEASE! PLEASE! Do more Hauls!! (Please like so she can see!!)

  • Alexa Nina
    Alexa Nina5 måneder siden

    Aww cookie🥺🕊

  • pre ciado
    pre ciado5 måneder siden

    I have Ben nice

  • Thunder Perry
    Thunder Perry5 måneder siden

    Anybody watching in 2020 and realizing when she said maybe next year that she won’t be able to do it rip cookie

  • Pamela Victoria

    Pamela Victoria

    4 måneder siden

    Me :'( the minute she said that I came to read the comments. I miss Cookie 💔

  • Gieann Apego
    Gieann Apego5 måneder siden

    Who's here when Cookie died?

  • Jessica Somerville
    Jessica Somerville5 måneder siden

    Maddens? It’s mittens are you three

  • Jessica Somerville
    Jessica Somerville5 måneder siden

    Ro should come out with her own pet treat,clothes and toys .she could make a cook book just for dog go treats

  • Korea yh nock n xdzddthnkpkm Lisa Hulme
    Korea yh nock n xdzddthnkpkm Lisa Hulme5 måneder siden

    Have a happy holidays

  • Serendipity Lilliana
    Serendipity Lilliana5 måneder siden


  • Serendipity Lilliana
    Serendipity Lilliana5 måneder siden


  • Brooklyn Johnson
    Brooklyn Johnson5 måneder siden


  • Dr. Michael Knightwood
    Dr. Michael Knightwood5 måneder siden

    Rip to cookie sorry ro

  • Biana Vacker
    Biana Vacker5 måneder siden

    Aww, I miss having cookie in the videos, RIP cookie🍪🍪🍪❤️❤️❤️

  • Juana Pacheco
    Juana Pacheco5 måneder siden

    I love dogs

  • Duckster number 2
    Duckster number 26 måneder siden

    *sees ro* Immediately likes, and clicks video and screams

  • Jessica Males
    Jessica Males6 måneder siden

    30 degrees here in Canberra we get below 10

  • Aliyah H0493
    Aliyah H04936 måneder siden

    Where do u get the collars

  • Heidi Caudill
    Heidi Caudill6 måneder siden

    You and the dogs match the pillow next to you

  • Gabriella Grape
    Gabriella Grape6 måneder siden

    Who is your fav dog? Like for Blueberry and comment for cookie

  • Martin van Rooyen
    Martin van Rooyen6 måneder siden

    Can I see the baby?👶🏼💕

  • Family Bolin
    Family Bolin6 måneder siden

    you are a awesome youtuber

  • Family Bolin
    Family Bolin6 måneder siden

    the dogs are so cute

  • Victoria Lopez
    Victoria Lopez6 måneder siden

    I love cookie and baby blue berry I wish I had a dog like them

  • leon zrihen
    leon zrihen6 måneder siden

    Puppies holidays and hauls is litterly what I love

  • Come play with doll’s
    Come play with doll’s6 måneder siden

    I am always nice 👍☺️

  • Shinki Wang
    Shinki Wang6 måneder siden

    do a collaboration with Chad Wild Clay and the other spy ninjas

  • natalie thackthay
    natalie thackthay6 måneder siden

    I wish I had a dog

  • Amber Conley
    Amber Conley6 måneder siden

    Your so awesome

  • Amber Conley
    Amber Conley6 måneder siden


  • Keylin Bueno
    Keylin Bueno6 måneder siden

    I was so happy today because I didn't have wifi and I finally got it