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Anyone else LOVE Baby Yoda???
Recipe and Template:
*Nerdy Nummies Cookbook:
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1 cup plus 2 tbsp almond flour (Bob's Red Mill Superfine blanched)
1 1/2 cups powdered sugar
3 large egg whites (room temperature)
1/4 cup plus 2 tbsp granulated sugar
1 1/2 tbsp matcha powder
Food coloring: black, pink, dark green
Royal Icing
Raspberry Buttercream Filling:
1/3 cup fresh raspberries
1/2 cup buttercream frosting
1/2 cup powdered sugar
I had so much fun #Baking these #StarWars Baby #Yoda Macarons! I watched The Mandalorian on Disney Plus multiple times since I love Baby Yoda so much.
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  • Rosanna Pansino
    Rosanna Pansino8 måneder siden

    I hope you enjoy this episode of Nerdy Nummies! Anyone else LOVE Baby Yoda??? 😊❤️

  • Sissabella R

    Sissabella R

    6 dager siden


  • Sarah Chillogallo

    Sarah Chillogallo

    9 dager siden

    @ rosanna pansino I do so so so so much

  • Sara Benhamida

    Sara Benhamida

    18 dager siden


  • Mattie Cheek

    Mattie Cheek

    19 dager siden

    He is my favorite

  • Marvin Tran

    Marvin Tran

    25 dager siden

    You made this before Baby Yoda ate some ACTUAL Macarons on the show!! Also, please make a vegan version of this. That would be great! I love your show, and I love watching your recipes whether or not they’re vegan. You’re just fun to watch.

  • Kori McCollister
    Kori McCollisterDag siden

    Ro should be on audlts baking chapishimp

  • Fancy Pants
    Fancy Pants2 dager siden

    Will it work with regular all purpose flour?

  • michaela slaughter
    michaela slaughter2 dager siden

    And now he's grogu 😭

  • Felipe Bustos
    Felipe Bustos2 dager siden


  • Laurie DiGennaro
    Laurie DiGennaro2 dager siden

    Baby Yoda is adorable I can’t stand his face it is so cute 😊

  • Loser Nom
    Loser Nom2 dager siden

    I'm going to try this one day

  • Ichrak Dimassi
    Ichrak Dimassi4 dager siden

    I am trying to make these for a friend'S B DAY can I use pistachio powder instead of matcha to make it green?

  • Jason Hopkins
    Jason Hopkins4 dager siden

    Love this! Also love the hair!!

  • Tangerine Tundra AG
    Tangerine Tundra AG6 dager siden

    is it just me, or does she sound like Penelope Von Schweetz from Wreck It Ralph? By the way, Ro, these are BEAUTIFUL! Trying to make macarons is so hard for me - I keep screwing up at the merengue stage. You're so talented :)

  • Sahara Younker
    Sahara Younker9 dager siden

    You should make macarons of your dog blueberry

  • Adrian
    Adrian11 dager siden

    I Love Baby Yoda

  • Adrian
    Adrian11 dager siden


  • Nikki Salazar
    Nikki Salazar11 dager siden


  • Bodden Wachter
    Bodden Wachter12 dager siden

    ha ha ha ha

  • Brynlee Stewart
    Brynlee Stewart12 dager siden


  • Lukas Pollet
    Lukas Pollet12 dager siden

    Me: wanting to eat the whole thing

  • Lukas Pollet

    Lukas Pollet

    12 dager siden

    Ro:taste test!

  • Amanda Haupt
    Amanda Haupt13 dager siden

    i made them and they where so good

  • Vania Torres
    Vania Torres14 dager siden

    It’s grogu

  • Maggie
    Maggie16 dager siden

    I tried this recipe but when I tried to make the raspberry filling, the portions were all off! I ended up having to start over! Ro, I love your videos and recipes but this one needs to be revised!

  • Poker_Sunflower
    Poker_Sunflower17 dager siden

    baby yoadas real name is grow goo

  • Poker_Sunflower
    Poker_Sunflower17 dager siden

    its been like 2 years since ive seen her vids

  • Jade Hall
    Jade Hall19 dager siden

    is it me or do i just think she has not done a nerdy nummies in years

  • Taly Baua Cruz
    Taly Baua Cruz21 dag siden

    This Is So Cute! Too bad the child’s name is Grogu not Baby Yoda.

  • Nichole Salazar
    Nichole Salazar21 dag siden

    If you hate baby Yoda you are definitely someone who doesn't even care about anything in life

  • Samantha Esquivel
    Samantha Esquivel24 dager siden

    can you make a baby yoda cake?

  • tiry popez
    tiry popez24 dager siden

    The macaroons are so cute! I have to make this!

  • Claire Bear
    Claire Bear25 dager siden

    3:16 HAHA ro i love u you will always be a kid at heart!!!

  • • Gacha •
    • Gacha •25 dager siden

    IM A FOOD :O

  • TP
    TP26 dager siden

    100% Not related to the video but Ro's hair is on fleek

  • Taunya Blanco
    Taunya Blanco27 dager siden

    i love baby yoda.

  • Brittany
    Brittany29 dager siden

    is almond flower the same as almond meal your cook book said almond meal

  • Katelyn Gong
    Katelyn Gong29 dager siden

    That buttercream is the exact shade of her stand mixer!

  • Icecream Wings
    Icecream WingsMåned siden

    Please make some recipes inspired to Bee and puppycat!!! There are a LOT in the cartoon and each look delicious🤤

  • Anna Shaffer
    Anna ShafferMåned siden

    I am a nerdy nummie for baby yoda!

  • Katheryne Lopez
    Katheryne LopezMåned siden

    hi ro i have been watching your videos for a long time now more then 2 years! thank you for everything you have done you are a amazing person i love your videos

  • Carol Redmond
    Carol RedmondMåned siden

    Where is recipe

  • A very noncreative person
    A very noncreative personMåned siden

    Baby yoda is cute and all but he is WAY too popular at this point.

  • Reagan Fletcher
    Reagan FletcherMåned siden

    I'm pretty sure Baby Yoda eats macaron shells in Season 2 Episode 4 - though they probably don't call them that on Nevarro.

  • lexi Stevens
    lexi StevensMåned siden

    Do we have to use almond flour

  • Haydenjane Dorn
    Haydenjane DornMåned siden

    My dad LOVES baby yoda

  • patoforlife2008
    patoforlife2008Måned siden

    Oh my God girl please put a deep treatment in that hair and trim the ends. But your still beautiful😘😊💆‍♀️🤣

  • Domino's
    Domino'sMåned siden

    It’s funny because in the show baby yoda eats macarons but they’re just blue

  • HappyCats 101
    HappyCats 101Måned siden


  • b3rry0’s Star Wars
    b3rry0’s Star WarsMåned siden

    This girl: Makes baby yoda/Grogu macarons Disney: *WRITE THAT DOWN WRITE THAT DOWN!*

  • Kristin Holmes

    Kristin Holmes

    2 dager siden

    It’s Rosanna lol-

  • Nikki Salazar

    Nikki Salazar

    11 dager siden

    Love it

  • Celina Thommesen-Kähler
    Celina Thommesen-KählerMåned siden

    This is SO appropriate

  • Starburst Critic
    Starburst CriticMåned siden

    Does anyone realize at like 10:20 when she started piping it’s looked like a little dude on the bottom with air bubbles lollololllll

  • Buni Uni
    Buni UniMåned siden

    I jUsT dIdnT wAnT tO dIrTy Up My BlEnDeR

  • Black widow 1539
    Black widow 1539Måned siden

    Who else wants her to make the mandalorian like just mando and not baby Yoda I mean he is so adorable but I just want Mando because Mando's hardly popular so and baby Yoda's getting all the popularity.

  • Nersy Romero
    Nersy RomeroMåned siden

    I would like to see a recipe for macaroon without with other flavor. I love your channel.

  • jiyoung park
    jiyoung parkMåned siden

    I like Baby Yoda, but I am sad that I could not eat macha~

  • A random Claymation guy
    A random Claymation guyMåned siden

    I just realized that baby yoda eats macarons in the show but they’re blue

  • John Minute
    John MinuteMåned siden

    Babies R Us new name is goo goo

  • Make & Bake
    Make & BakeMåned siden

    Do u fold 40 times for each 1/3 or alltogether

  • bellajaid
    bellajaidMåned siden

    Do I have to stop calling them Baby Yoda macaroons now?

  • Kimball Bingham
    Kimball BinghamMåned siden

    i love your vids!!!!!!!!!! they chear me up

  • Kimball Bingham
    Kimball BinghamMåned siden


  • Ian Johnson
    Ian JohnsonMåned siden

    My dad's birthday is may the 4th aka starswars day

  • Andrea Latini
    Andrea LatiniMåned siden

    This video was uploaded about 7 months ago, but we have known Grogu eating macarons for about 2 weeks. "She can see things before happen. It's a Jedi trait".

  • mochi
    mochiMåned siden

    She got a facelift lmao

  • Ellena Relkin
    Ellena RelkinMåned siden

    I love baby yoda

  • Amy Rider
    Amy RiderMåned siden

    cut Ro

  • Emma Alvarado
    Emma AlvaradoMåned siden

    I love your videos

  • Johanna Velasquez
    Johanna Velasquez2 måneder siden


  • Cook With Love by Annie
    Cook With Love by Annie2 måneder siden

    Can we talk about how Ro is ALMOST as adorable as Baby Yoda, is just as amazing, and is just the BEST?

  • Erika Flores
    Erika Flores2 måneder siden


  • PLC The Legacy
    PLC The Legacy2 måneder siden

    Wow, Ironically baby Yoda was eating Macarons in the 2nd season.

  • Christopher Aznavour
    Christopher Aznavour2 måneder siden

    I was subscribed this entire time. I am just really freaky... so some times I just type things I really need to. :) !!!0_0!!!

  • Miranda Hurst
    Miranda Hurst2 måneder siden

    Ro: I’ve never seen a baby yoda and oh dude he’s so cute and so and his eyes and and he’s just in it. Me:😂

  • Mathematech
    Mathematech2 måneder siden

    omg, tribute to your macrons in second season episode 4!!!!!!!!!!

  • Brooklyn Burleson
    Brooklyn Burleson2 måneder siden

    Wow love the baby Yoda look

  • Ishita Agrawal
    Ishita Agrawal2 måneder siden

    This is the way

  • Gilang Setyawibawa
    Gilang Setyawibawa2 måneder siden

    In a galaxy far far away, macarons are as cheap as oreos

  • Emek
    Emek2 måneder siden

    Who’s here after baby yoda finessed some macarons from that greedy kid..

  • Celina Thommesen-Kähler

    Celina Thommesen-Kähler

    Måned siden


  • SpaceCadet1127


    2 måneder siden

    This cookie has gone full circle 😂... This is the way.

  • Priscilla Lunan

    Priscilla Lunan

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  • Wanderer
    Wanderer2 måneder siden

    Lol this episode all of a sudden became super relevant.

  • Paul Bailey
    Paul Bailey2 måneder siden

    This episode has become eerily prescient.

  • itsAlex64
    itsAlex642 måneder siden

    Here after Mando Chapter 12

  • Rei/ZERO The Silver Fanged Knight

    Rei/ZERO The Silver Fanged Knight

    2 måneder siden

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  • Richieツ


    2 måneder siden

    Ikr same

  • Eleanor Winkels
    Eleanor Winkels2 måneder siden

    me when Ro says tap Me: *slams tray on tabel makes mess*

  • Cassie Miller
    Cassie Miller2 måneder siden

    my dad loves star wars so does my famliy and my dads birthday is may 4

  • Cassie Miller

    Cassie Miller

    2 måneder siden

    we always make it about star wars

  • Natalie Boys
    Natalie Boys2 måneder siden

    please make a cake with roses

  • AG Lavender Liife
    AG Lavender Liife2 måneder siden

    My birthday is MAY 4th

  • Amaya
    Amaya2 måneder siden

    The Yoda race naturally age slowly

  • Magic Cute Bunny
    Magic Cute Bunny2 måneder siden

    You should have a baking show!

  • Glenn Welsh

    Glenn Welsh

    2 måneder siden

    This IS her baking show.

  • Liesl Gregory
    Liesl Gregory2 måneder siden

    He's so cute I can eat him -Rosanna Pansino

  • Elissa Bullock
    Elissa Bullock2 måneder siden

    Rosanna your just like me because I love baby yoda he is just sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute in his eg chair

  • Minh Dương Nguyễn
    Minh Dương Nguyễn2 måneder siden

    Wait so what temperature in the room to e perfect when you cook

  • Minh Dương Nguyễn
    Minh Dương Nguyễn2 måneder siden

    Wait so is it 40 fold in 1/3 of the dry ingredients or total

  • Maria Gonzalez
    Maria Gonzalez2 måneder siden

    it so cute

  • Gene Silva
    Gene Silva2 måneder siden

    This might just be my inner catholic showing but whenever I hear "may the force be with you" I immediately respond with "and also with you"

  • 10K subs before 2022
    10K subs before 20222 måneder siden

    3:55 what did Ro say?

  • Destiny Gamers
    Destiny Gamers2 måneder siden

    Is there a peanut free one I am allergic to peanuts

  • Laura Stremble
    Laura Stremble2 måneder siden

    Beauty and the beast cake or cookies.

  • Sweet T’s World
    Sweet T’s World2 måneder siden

    do you have to have alomd flour

  • TheLunahaven
    TheLunahaven2 måneder siden

    Ro- He’s so cute... I could... just EAT HIM. Me- 👁👄👁

  • Juanita Mendoza
    Juanita Mendoza2 måneder siden

    Row did you get your lips done I have been following you for years girl I love them 😍 I need mine too boo 😍

  • The Children's Wood Meadow & G20 Youth Festival
    The Children's Wood Meadow & G20 Youth Festival2 måneder siden

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    Icxia Rodriguez2 måneder siden

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    Rajni Singh2 måneder siden

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  • BananaCake 05
    BananaCake 052 måneder siden

    I never know whether something is a macaron or a macaroon. She just mixed the two together lol

  • Sierra McDonald
    Sierra McDonald2 måneder siden

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