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Which Halloween costume was your favorite? Do you have a dog?
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I had so much fun #Making all of these #Halloween #Costume ideas! I'm going to be spending Halloween at home this year and decided to dress up with my two French Bulldogs, Blueberry Muffin and Coconut! Here are Ten Halloween Costume Ideas For You And Your Dog! Hope you enjoy and have a Happy Halloween. It's my favorite Holiday!
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  • Rosanna Pansino
    Rosanna Pansino3 dager siden

    I hope you enjoy today's video! Which costume was your favorite? Do you have a dog or pet? What kind??? 😊🐶🐶💕

  • Isla Rose

    Isla Rose

    17 timer siden

    I have three dogs a pit bull a bulldog and a black lab

  • Kelli Hester

    Kelli Hester

    17 timer siden

    I loved the puppuccino costumes! So cute! I also have a frenchie. Her name is Luna and she is 10 months.

  • Hyfaa Hamid

    Hyfaa Hamid

    17 timer siden


  • Katieluv2singVA


    17 timer siden

    I have a great pyrenees and german shorthair pointer mix dog her name is Phoebe

  • Rainbow girl

    Rainbow girl

    17 timer siden

    My favorite Halloween costume is number 1 it was really good combo. I have two dogs Roxy is a Golden Retriever and Tiger is a Yorkie

  • Fizza safiya
    Fizza safiya34 minutter siden

    Can you pls do a video with icing artist

  • Kayla Gibson
    Kayla Gibson43 minutter siden

    Hey when I saw ro in the legally blonde costume u know who I was thinking of as a good costume idea Sharpay & Boi from HSM CAUSE SHARPAY LOVES THAT SHADE OF PINK & loves boi

  • LifeLongMETALHead83
    LifeLongMETALHead8344 minutter siden

    You picked the worst Harley Quinn outfit. Both movies had terrible costumes for Harley Quinn.

  • Gacha life Girl
    Gacha life Girl50 minutter siden

    I’m sorry but I can’t get over the fact that I was just going through escape the night by Joey And you’re in season three

  • Areej Adnan
    Areej Adnan55 minutter siden

    Anyone realise that on the thumbnail of the video her hair is long but in the video her hair is short. 😂😂

  • romina raheel
    romina raheelTime siden

    Where do you edit your videos

  • Chantelle Martin
    Chantelle MartinTime siden

    Little red riding hood and the grandma was absolutely hilarious! It was so cute🥰

  • bonjour itsizzy
    bonjour itsizzyTime siden

    probably my two faves are the harley quinn and than scooby doo :P

    K-FOREST2 timer siden

    The whole world is suffering from corona-19. I hope you get better soon. As they say, I miss my normal routine so much. (I've been running two different NOlocal channels recently. Drop by when you have time. Thank you. ^^ @UCQRKmuZ8OTn4N8uNPHTz3Wg ​@UCm64ysno7T1na8Xscq_g8vw)

  • Cherry Yu
    Cherry Yu2 timer siden

    I dig the doroty costume

  • Shahina Ismayil
    Shahina Ismayil2 timer siden

    I think its been a while u did a video with molly

  • Braelynn Rogers
    Braelynn Rogers2 timer siden

    Where is Cookie?🐶

  • Ashwell High5
    Ashwell High52 timer siden

    I loved the 3 headed dog costume

  • Jaimee Hunter
    Jaimee Hunter2 timer siden

    I love you ro and the dogs are so cute

  • Hatim tibari
    Hatim tibari3 timer siden

    good morning

  • Zoey Mack
    Zoey Mack3 timer siden

    WAit where’s Cookie she hasn’t been in any of the vids?!

  • Zoey Mack
    Zoey Mack3 timer siden

    WAit where’s Cookie she hasn’t been in any of the vids?!

  • louise lund
    louise lund3 timer siden

    Nr 4

  • ebonyloveivory
    ebonyloveivory4 timer siden

    Lmao blueberry was not fazed at all. She was like... *Sighhh normal day guys. Normal.*

  • Evangeline Sophie Chandra
    Evangeline Sophie Chandra4 timer siden

    I love it make more pls so cuuuuuute

  • Honey the Pug
    Honey the Pug4 timer siden

    Can you pls make something coraline themed like coco Beatles that the other mother eats or something

  • veeta p
    veeta p5 timer siden

    number 10

  • Patty Montes
    Patty Montes5 timer siden

    Make something? From Among us.

  • Jasmine Aguilera
    Jasmine Aguilera5 timer siden

    Omg the Fluffy costume for blueberry muffin was AMAZING!!! Lmao!!!

  • katsuki bakugo
    katsuki bakugo5 timer siden

    can you please make another pancake challenge please

  • Taylor Steinert
    Taylor Steinert5 timer siden

    Where did you get the two stuffed animal dogs for the Harry Potter idea

  • Sophia Klessens
    Sophia Klessens6 timer siden

    My favorite costume was Legally Blonde!! All of them were so adorable! Love you Ro💗

  • Cathryn Dewabalan
    Cathryn Dewabalan6 timer siden

    scooby doo is my favorite

  • Kathleen Mahaney
    Kathleen Mahaney7 timer siden

    Blueberry has accepted her fate of being dressed up. Mike lol

  • awesomenessity8
    awesomenessity87 timer siden

    I love the hagrid and fluffy one

  • Alexa cadorette
    Alexa cadorette7 timer siden

    Omg hi I watched escape the night with Joey and I loved your character in the show

  • Jessie L
    Jessie L7 timer siden

    Hi I have a dog name tux

  • laidbackgirly
    laidbackgirly7 timer siden

    Funny thing when I first got a dog I wanted my puppy to be a puppicino

  • Skye Murray
    Skye Murray7 timer siden

    She’s probably having fun wearing the heels with legigly blond

  • Goat Sister
    Goat Sister7 timer siden

    Omg i should make my frenchie dress up like this

  • Julie Harris
    Julie Harris8 timer siden

    I don't think that you should have a favorite breed of dog because that's just canceling all the others out.

  • Cassidy Garman
    Cassidy Garman8 timer siden

    can you do another bob ross painting?

  • Romina W
    Romina W8 timer siden

    I love your cheeks

  • Aky Garcia
    Aky Garcia8 timer siden

    Nobody likes Ro Nobody watches her videos Nobody likes what Ro is doing Nobody wants Ro BTW did I mention my nickname is Nobody?

  • cnmmd qiuoo
    cnmmd qiuoo8 timer siden

    Me being a huge Harry Potter and Pokémon fan: YAAAAAASSS!!!!! Like if u can relate

  • cnmmd qiuoo

    cnmmd qiuoo

    8 timer siden

    I loved the hagrid and fluffy one and little red riding hood and granny

  • lulu and char
    lulu and char8 timer siden

    p.s there called jorts

  • Catlover Cara
    Catlover Cara8 timer siden

    I'm new to your channel and I love your videos😁😊😋

  • Emilia
    Emilia9 timer siden

    I don’t have a dog but the scooby and Shaggy is cute

  • Skin Champagne
    Skin Champagne9 timer siden

    ro is such a good cook

  • Brooklyn’s Hall
    Brooklyn’s Hall9 timer siden

    My mascot at my school

  • Mia
    Mia9 timer siden

    I miss cookie 😖😔

  • Doodle Mations
    Doodle Mations9 timer siden

    I’m doing that ash Ketchum costume, but with my baby brother

  • Vere Ladin
    Vere Ladin9 timer siden

    I also follow you on Instagram just to let you know oh yeah rose just to let you know I've been seeing you since your first post and just to let you know my mom got me in trouble cuz I bake the cake did I don't care if my mom gets me in trouble cuz I love you no matter what I really want to be like you Superstar you're like cool so cool

  • Julia Lamartine de Souza - Aluno CEI
    Julia Lamartine de Souza - Aluno CEI9 timer siden

    other idea: eleven and demogorgon

  • Vere Ladin
    Vere Ladin9 timer siden

    Oh yeah and for everybody that's reading this video sorry that I said cavities it's cuz I'm using the mic cuz I'm a really slow writer

  • Lola Cilia
    Lola Cilia9 timer siden

    I love dogs 🐶🐶🐶🐶🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰

  • Sophilect
    Sophilect9 timer siden

    Hi Ro! Can you make among us cookies?

  • tippy taco
    tippy taco10 timer siden

    why does she look so much like candace Cameron from fuller house

  • Joseluis Ramirez
    Joseluis Ramirez10 timer siden

    Hi Rosanna pansino I’m your biggest fan I watched your video all day and my birthday is coming up on October 28th

  • Joseluis Ramirez
    Joseluis Ramirez10 timer siden

    Hi Rosanna pansino I’m your biggest fan I watched your video all day and my birthday is coming up on October 28th

  • Vicki Speakman
    Vicki Speakman10 timer siden

    Cerberus the best

  • Annaliese Olson
    Annaliese Olson10 timer siden

    I loved the hagrid and fluffy one and little red riding hood and granny

  • Priscilla Molina
    Priscilla Molina10 timer siden

    I am going to be Velma from scooby doo for Halloween this year

  • hailey Uwu
    hailey Uwu10 timer siden

    aww so cute

  • Denise Banuelos
    Denise Banuelos10 timer siden

    Can you do another trying 5 dollars Halloween makeup kits

  • The Isabellas
    The Isabellas11 timer siden

    Hi Ro, how'd you make your logo? Love your vids so much

  • Elmarie Boshoff
    Elmarie Boshoff11 timer siden

    Hahaha! I loved how you got so creative on your costumes. I think you did a good job.

  • The Gaming Life
    The Gaming Life11 timer siden

    Hi rossana I have a cat and it's name is foxy and she might scratch your dog's eye out because she is so feisty

  • Emma Moreno
    Emma Moreno11 timer siden

    i love my dogs as well my dogs names are max and maggie btw i love your vids

  • Grace Aliana
    Grace Aliana11 timer siden

    Can you PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE make a pumpkin pie!! I really want to make one for the fall season😆

  • Sugeyly Rivera Rogel
    Sugeyly Rivera Rogel11 timer siden

    what happend to cookie

  • Daisy the Guinea Pig!
    Daisy the Guinea Pig!11 timer siden

    My fav had to be the harry potter one. You should do peter pan and tinkerbell next.

  • Ruby Mako
    Ruby Mako11 timer siden

    Love your hair Ro!

  • Angelina Babli
    Angelina Babli11 timer siden

    5:23 where is that pink “Elle Woods” set from?? It’s sooo cute

  • Aurikabulkhak Bulkhak
    Aurikabulkhak Bulkhak11 timer siden

    My favorite is Winnie the Pooh

  • Princess Ulyzzah Usman
    Princess Ulyzzah Usman11 timer siden

    Asha and pikachu

  • Phantasia Penttila
    Phantasia Penttila12 timer siden

    You should try coconut in the basket

  • Patti Organ-Blersch
    Patti Organ-Blersch12 timer siden

    Hi me and my kitten 🐱Kira love to watch your channel

  • Patti Organ-Blersch

    Patti Organ-Blersch

    12 timer siden

    I’m going to be 8 in 2 moths

  • Devyn Huey
    Devyn Huey12 timer siden

    I love her haircut

  • Ava Hood
    Ava Hood12 timer siden

    Can you do a video on how you make your buttercream frosting

  • Eleanor MacLeod
    Eleanor MacLeod12 timer siden

    Fluffy was genius!

  • Lilly Hartman
    Lilly Hartman12 timer siden

    I have a full breed boxer named Malachi I also have a half main coon black cat named Bruse and a orange tabby cat named Milo.... Love you and your vids! 😺🐶🐱💖😚🥰

  • Elina Kisyova
    Elina Kisyova12 timer siden

    My favorite outfit was ash and pikachu

  • Kay Kay Plays
    Kay Kay Plays13 timer siden

    What breed are blue berry and coconut? They look kind of like French bulldogs please correct me if I’m wrong.

  • Diana Liz
    Diana Liz13 timer siden


  • Karl Grocott
    Karl Grocott13 timer siden

    I cryed when i saw cookie gone

  • Thuy Le
    Thuy Le13 timer siden

    Suggestion for other costumes: Hades, Persephony, and Cerberus (dog) Astronaunt and spaceship (dog) Batman (dog) and Robin Honestly, it's just finding a costume for your dog, and then coordinate your own costume around (since human costumes are easy to find and available in much wider variety)

  • JIllian Dixon
    JIllian Dixon13 timer siden

    i love winni the poo

  • Grace Kim
    Grace Kim13 timer siden

    My reaction when she dressed as Ell Woods from Legally Blonde: Yasssssssss!!!!

  • Fahmida Ahmed
    Fahmida Ahmed13 timer siden

    My favorite was the first one blueberry was so cute love your Vid and BTW today is my birthday love y,all and coconut was so cute as well like if you agree

  • Urszula Kucia
    Urszula Kucia14 timer siden


  • ladyfiaragc
    ladyfiaragc14 timer siden

    Mike should be Hagrid, you be Harry, and Blueberry could be Fluffy, and Coconut could be Hedwig

  • Bug Adams
    Bug Adams14 timer siden

    you mike and both dogs could be the flinstones

  • Shibnim Shaboodien
    Shibnim Shaboodien14 timer siden


  • Helen Dominguez Ovando
    Helen Dominguez Ovando14 timer siden

    omg im so sad this remebered me when you did one of these cooki:(

  • App kat
    App kat15 timer siden

    where is cookie

  • - Xxxlovely x Zoeyxxx -
    - Xxxlovely x Zoeyxxx -15 timer siden

    Omg I’m literally doing the first idea with my dogs and I didn’t even see this! I just love Starbucks so I had too!

  • jailyn ocasio
    jailyn ocasio15 timer siden

    I love how Michael does fit in frame bc he is so much taller than Rosanna it’s so cute..

  • jailyn ocasio
    jailyn ocasio15 timer siden

    Your so creative

  • Rene Ochoa
    Rene Ochoa15 timer siden

    Starbucks and winnie the pooh

  • Smol Bean
    Smol Bean15 timer siden

    Im going as the shaggy one but my dog is going to be Scrappy Doo cause thats his name

  • Pamela Searcy
    Pamela Searcy15 timer siden

    for the ash and pickachu costume to add cocoanut in it you could have him be a pokaball ps soryy if i spelt things wrong

  • Pamela Searcy

    Pamela Searcy

    15 timer siden

    her not he sorry i spelt it wrong

  • Aria Dreier
    Aria Dreier15 timer siden

    Is it just me or does the red riding hood and the grandma look more like little red ridng hood and wolf in desuie

  • sushma tripathi
    sushma tripathi15 timer siden