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Which Halloween costume was your favorite? Do you have a dog?
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I had so much fun #Making all of these #Halloween #Costume ideas! I'm going to be spending Halloween at home this year and decided to dress up with my two French Bulldogs, Blueberry Muffin and Coconut! Here are Ten Halloween Costume Ideas For You And Your Dog! Hope you enjoy and have a Happy Halloween. It's my favorite Holiday!
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  • Rosanna Pansino
    Rosanna Pansino6 måneder siden

    I hope you enjoy today's video! Which costume was your favorite? Do you have a dog or pet? What kind??? 😊🐶🐶💕

  • Lily Carosello

    Lily Carosello

    24 dager siden

    I loved costume number 7 Harley Quinn

  • Harlee T

    Harlee T

    Måned siden

    I have to dogs my favorite costume was the Starbucks and Winnie Pooh

  • Ginger and Lady

    Ginger and Lady

    Måned siden

    I haven’t finished the video yet, just started and I haven’t seen any of the costumes but.. I have a 3 year old dog named Ginger, she’s around 60 pounds, she’s a large dog but we are not sure what breed she is. She’s some sort of mix breed! Edit: We now have another puppy! Her name is lady, she’s about 2 months old. She is a Chow Chow mix. ❤️

  • Teddy S

    Teddy S

    Måned siden

    The harry potter one

  • Jerry Feng the jelly

    Jerry Feng the jelly

    Måned siden

    i am getting a cream french bulldog on friday

  • Abigail Johnson
    Abigail JohnsonDag siden

    You should do lilo as you and stitch as blue

  • Amariss Ruiz
    Amariss Ruiz2 dager siden

    Hagrid's Dog is named Fluffy:)

  • Amanda Vacheresse
    Amanda Vacheresse2 dager siden

    I don’t think blue trusts you anymore

  • olga doherty
    olga doherty3 dager siden

    Your evil for cutting the heads😡

  • Taylor Craig
    Taylor Craig5 dager siden

    That was reese witherspoon character

  • Brittenee Wendel
    Brittenee Wendel6 dager siden

    Where did you get the dorthy costume from the wizard of oz

  • Bryanna Perez
    Bryanna Perez7 dager siden


  • Amisha Patel
    Amisha Patel7 dager siden

    The barista and the ☕️ coffee were my favourite

  • Alliah Mendoza
    Alliah Mendoza7 dager siden

    you are relly ugely hahahahhahhahhhhhhhahahhhhahahahaha

  • Erik Brown
    Erik Brown8 dager siden


  • Paul Robinson
    Paul Robinson9 dager siden

    I love love love the hagrid and fang costume

  • Paul Robinson

    Paul Robinson

    9 dager siden

    I meant to say fluffy instead of fang

  • sharada mulam
    sharada mulam10 dager siden


  • Stardustpearls
    Stardustpearls11 dager siden

    When are blueberry muffin and coconut’s birthdays

  • Heather Hybner
    Heather Hybner11 dager siden

    The Starbucks one

  • Sean Bae
    Sean Bae13 dager siden


  • Play time
    Play time13 dager siden

    i have a cat

  • Play time
    Play time13 dager siden

    i hafa cat 🐈 in

  • PoncHik TV
    PoncHik TV13 dager siden

    Я один русский ? 🗿

  • Hailey B
    Hailey B15 dager siden

    where is cookie?

  • LILLY Fox
    LILLY Fox15 dager siden

    Why is there no cookie?i miss her so much I love coconut and blueberry there so cute!🥰✨

  • Margaret Lin
    Margaret Lin16 dager siden

    Got to say the Hagrid and Fang and Fluffy one, because Imma big fan of Harry Potter and u!

  • Carli Olsen
    Carli Olsen16 dager siden


  • Samantha Williams
    Samantha Williams16 dager siden

    I. 💘 u

  • Audrey Helmbrecht
    Audrey Helmbrecht17 dager siden

    What happened to Cookie

  • Samuel Aceves
    Samuel Aceves18 dager siden

    The pup a chenoe

  • Leila Martin
    Leila Martin18 dager siden

    Omg they were so cute but I love Winnie the pooh

  • muichiro tokito
    muichiro tokito22 dager siden

    weres cookie

  • lavanya kk
    lavanya kk22 dager siden

    The gray greasy great downtown disturbingly wipe because chicory appropriately kiss before a heavenly heavy hellish talk. lively, garrulous result

  • Madisyn Campbell
    Madisyn Campbell22 dager siden

    Omg. Ro. This is so funny romake more

  • Zara Wright
    Zara Wright23 dager siden


  • Zobia A Z
    Zobia A Z23 dager siden

    My cousin has a german shepherd and she is 7 months and she is 69 pounds! Ummm I’m 60 pounds so......

  • Aimee Dowen
    Aimee Dowen23 dager siden

    I have pet fish

  • Ava Fermaint
    Ava Fermaint24 dager siden


  • Jessica Barker
    Jessica Barker25 dager siden

    Scooby bluey blue were are you I'm in ro's kitchen

  • rose the gamer
    rose the gamer25 dager siden

    I have a pet heyeena

  • Susana De la Torre
    Susana De la Torre25 dager siden

    Where is cookie does she die🧐🤭

  • Preston’s fan :p
    Preston’s fan :p26 dager siden

    Little red riding his and grandma blue barry

  • Stephany Kuhlman
    Stephany Kuhlman28 dager siden

    This year for Halloween I am going to be Hermione from Harry Potter

  • fatima alvarado
    fatima alvarado29 dager siden

    Where is Cookie?😔😔

  • Harlee T
    Harlee T29 dager siden

    I love the Alice in Wonderland and Red Riding hood also the wizard of oz

  • Sky Waters
    Sky WatersMåned siden

    I have a cat

  • Olivia Zambrano
    Olivia ZambranoMåned siden

    I had to make coconut my pic cause she is soooo cute! 🥰 (I really liked the Starbucks one.)

  • Deni Azhari
    Deni AzhariMåned siden


  • Deni Azhari
    Deni AzhariMåned siden


  • Deni Azhari
    Deni AzhariMåned siden


  • Deni Azhari
    Deni AzhariMåned siden


  • Deni Azhari
    Deni AzhariMåned siden


  • Deni Azhari
    Deni AzhariMåned siden


  • Madhuri Yadav
    Madhuri YadavMåned siden

    Cerberus Berry😎

  • Saara Reineberk
    Saara ReineberkMåned siden

    I miss Cooki 😓

  • Hannah Meyer
    Hannah MeyerMåned siden

    Alice in wonderland costume was my favored.

  • Larry Johnson
    Larry JohnsonMåned siden

    I love your dogs they are so cute

  • Julissa Flores
    Julissa FloresMåned siden

    My favorite costume idea was the number six we Pooh and his friends

  • Sharon Atkins
    Sharon AtkinsMåned siden

    I want a dog🐕 but I have a cat 🐈 her name is fluffy but we call her puss puss because she doesn’t like the name fluffy love u Ro!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Kieran Fullerton
    Kieran FullertonMåned siden

    Costume 7

  • Amar Singh
    Amar SinghMåned siden

    But I don't have a dog

  • Amar Singh
    Amar SinghMåned siden

    I Like the Harry potter one and the little red riding hood costume.

  • Amar Singh
    Amar SinghMåned siden

    Where is cookie?

  • Ricky EmDrgn
    Ricky EmDrgnMåned siden

    I tried this with my dog and she was so come fused

  • Dance Blossoms
    Dance BlossomsMåned siden

    I love legally blonde

    LIZ PRADAMåned siden

    No I think the Alice and the bunny

    LIZ PRADAMåned siden

    I think the wizard of oz

  • caihong He
    caihong HeMåned siden

    I hate your video

  • Brooke Quam
    Brooke QuamMåned siden

    Dog 🐶

  • Jennifer Wamaling
    Jennifer WamalingMåned siden

    Number 6 is SO cute! Winnie the Blue!

  • Ginger and Lady
    Ginger and LadyMåned siden

    Ro: “okay so this one is for Blueberry Muffin” Captions: okay so this one is for bluebeer muffin”

  • Quariya N
    Quariya NMåned siden

    Blueberry and baby coconut is soooo adorable and really really cute im crying, when coconut was a puppuchino she looks like whipcream and she soo cute, if there was a hot chocolate costume coconut whoud be a marshmellow

  • Quariya N
    Quariya NMåned siden

    Ro your puppys are sooo really really cute, baby coconut is soo adorable

  • Emma Babineaux
    Emma BabineauxMåned siden

    I love costume number 3

  • Evie Carver
    Evie CarverMåned siden


  • Addie Baker
    Addie BakerMåned siden

    Irving Bg I gj

  • Amy Trout
    Amy TroutMåned siden


  • Amy Trout
    Amy TroutMåned siden

    This is so cool

  • Thuy Nguyen
    Thuy NguyenMåned siden

    Get a boy dog.

    MKSAMRAMåned siden

    My little brother who watches Pokémon My childhood is over

  • Gaia Gelati
    Gaia GelatiMåned siden

    Did I watch this video for the 5th time even though I I don't have a dog? Ya I did, ya I did 🐶

  • Judith Gillham
    Judith GillhamMåned siden

    Where's cookie

  • Judith Gillham

    Judith Gillham

    Måned siden

    That's sad



    Måned siden

    She passed away last year,

  • Jayden Green
    Jayden GreenMåned siden

    props to you for walking in those heels.

  • Denisa Munteanu
    Denisa MunteanuMåned siden

    I have a white bunny

  • Ariana Ao
    Ariana AoMåned siden

    She should do another morning routine with coco and blue

  • Mikey Pardue
    Mikey PardueMåned siden


  • EvieTV
    EvieTVMåned siden

    why wasnt blue the wolf

  • Emma Kucera
    Emma KuceraMåned siden

    I love how you put your dog's in the video

  • ShimmerShine 15
    ShimmerShine 15Måned siden

    Omg those white pumps are SO CUTE

  • Andrea Coyle
    Andrea CoyleMåned siden

    I have a puppy

  • Abigail Dedeaux
    Abigail DedeauxMåned siden

    My favorite part is trick or treating

  • Sofija Nadjkanas
    Sofija NadjkanasMåned siden

    Where's Cooki?

  • Hardik Parikh

    Hardik Parikh

    Måned siden

    Sadly she passed away on the starting of 2020😭😭

  • Mia Nosegbe
    Mia NosegbeMåned siden

    I liked the winnie the poo family costume.

  • Mia Nosegbe
    Mia NosegbeMåned siden

    Blueberry and Coconut are a look cute!!!!!

  • Aliyah Nicole
    Aliyah NicoleMåned siden

    I was laughing so hard when blueberry was little red riding hood’s grandma

  • Sarah Parker
    Sarah Parker2 måneder siden

    I miss cookie

  • Cristina Dominguez
    Cristina Dominguez2 måneder siden

    I have chickens

  • Fern Fun
    Fern Fun2 måneder siden

    I love ur voice Ro 😂💗💗

  • Kenna Prescott
    Kenna Prescott2 måneder siden

    wars cookie



    Måned siden

    She passed away at the beginning of 2020. She did a whole video addressing it.

  • Ori Fine
    Ori Fine2 måneder siden

    I’m getting my first dog soon!

  • Femia Sissy
    Femia Sissy2 måneder siden

    Can you start making stuff with no milk because I'm lactose intolerant

  • Angie McCoy
    Angie McCoy2 måneder siden

    His name is Baxter

  • Angie McCoy
    Angie McCoy2 måneder siden

    I have a Border Collie mixed with Australian Shepherd in him he's so adorable and cute🥰🥰🥰

  • Angie McCoy
    Angie McCoy2 måneder siden

    Aww so cute