Rosanna Pansino

Rosanna Pansino

Welcome to my channel! I'm Rosanna Pansino and I really enjoy creating content on NOlocal!
Tiktok: rosannapansino
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Rosanna Pansino
9601 Wilshire Blvd
Beverly Hills, CA
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Buying My FAKE Merch!

Buying My FAKE Merch!

saying goodbye

saying goodbye

My Home Gym Setup!

My Home Gym Setup!

What I Did in 2019!

What I Did in 2019!

How To Be FANCY!

How To Be FANCY!


  • Kaitlin Washburn
    Kaitlin Washburn8 timer siden


  • Goat Sister
    Goat Sister8 timer siden

    Omg i should make my frenchie dress up like this

  • Julie Harris
    Julie Harris8 timer siden

    I agree with Mike. I can sleep for hours and still feel tired

  • Mister Miles
    Mister Miles8 timer siden


  • gracie Meredith
    gracie Meredith8 timer siden

    Your puppies are so cute

  • josue colon
    josue colon8 timer siden

    If I would be any dog I would be a Labador!!!!!!🐕🐾🐶

  • TRinLyNn Go4Th
    TRinLyNn Go4Th8 timer siden


  • Julie Harris
    Julie Harris8 timer siden

    I don't know... I think maybe a shitzu

  • Lyssa F
    Lyssa F8 timer siden

    neat i like the headless one

  • Zulma Lopez
    Zulma Lopez8 timer siden

    I love you so much

  • Julie Harris
    Julie Harris8 timer siden

    I don't think that you should have a favorite breed of dog because that's just canceling all the others out.

  • Yamily Bustamante-Primo
    Yamily Bustamante-Primo9 timer siden

    I always cry about me never able to paint because I don’t know how to paint and this painting is soooo realistic like 😱 I can’t paint 😭😭😭

  • Cassidy Garman
    Cassidy Garman9 timer siden

    can you do another bob ross painting?

  • Romina García
    Romina García9 timer siden

    JET PACK 100%

  • Gina Zarantonello
    Gina Zarantonello9 timer siden

    Do a baking video with Mike!!🍰🧁🍩❤

  • Romina W
    Romina W9 timer siden

    I love your cheeks

  • Aky Garcia
    Aky Garcia9 timer siden

    Nobody likes Ro Nobody watches her videos Nobody likes what Ro is doing Nobody wants Ro BTW did I mention my nickname is Nobody?

  • Erica Centak
    Erica Centak9 timer siden


  • Romy Alden
    Romy Alden9 timer siden


  • Natalie Connally
    Natalie Connally9 timer siden

    Who else thinks that ro look so pretty

  • Marthahxdjfjfjhrj nrjrjrnnHernandez
    Marthahxdjfjfjhrj nrjrjrnnHernandez9 timer siden


  • - Vibez -
    - Vibez -9 timer siden

    n o s t a l i g a

  • Amelia Misailov
    Amelia Misailov9 timer siden

    You are awesome

  • Random GFY
    Random GFY9 timer siden

    Cooke ;-;

  • Ahriana Aquino
    Ahriana Aquino9 timer siden

    2020 anyone???

  • cnmmd qiuoo
    cnmmd qiuoo9 timer siden

    Me being a huge Harry Potter and Pokémon fan: YAAAAAASSS!!!!! Like if u can relate

  • cnmmd qiuoo
    cnmmd qiuoo9 timer siden

    I loved the hagrid and fluffy one and little red riding hood and granny

  • BarbieMagicFamily
    BarbieMagicFamily9 timer siden

    Yay it’s HALLOWEEN 🎃 I love you and your videos so much 🐥

  • jeff inglut
    jeff inglut9 timer siden

    Stay strong ROBLOX

  • Gina Zarantonello
    Gina Zarantonello9 timer siden


  • lulu and char
    lulu and char9 timer siden

    p.s there called jorts

  • Catlover Cara
    Catlover Cara9 timer siden

    I'm new to your channel and I love your videos😁😊😋

  • BarbieMagicFamily
    BarbieMagicFamily9 timer siden

    Well by the time that I am married you de old but I will still invite you

  • Jamie Arnona
    Jamie Arnona9 timer siden

    I like milk chocolate

  • Nathalia Rivera
    Nathalia Rivera9 timer siden

    My mom's birthday is June 9th Edit: There is a 0.1% chance you will see this comment but I love your videos I watch at least 10 videos a day and attempt to make your recipes I have your cookbook and your pans , the spatula and well basically everything you are such a nice and funny person have a nice day/ night/ evening/ morning/ or afternoon

  • drew1field
    drew1field9 timer siden

    I love your dogs

  • It’s Brenna!
    It’s Brenna!9 timer siden

    Ro: and we have to do a little circles moving up Justine:do you feel a tingle? Still ro: up, up, up, up, up

  • Emilia
    Emilia9 timer siden

    I don’t have a dog but the scooby and Shaggy is cute

  • Colly Shamoon
    Colly Shamoon9 timer siden

    Who Else is watching this in 2020🙃

  • Caitlyn Castro
    Caitlyn Castro9 timer siden

    Hi u love our videos can you make a slime video

  • Skin Champagne
    Skin Champagne9 timer siden

    ro is such a good cook

  • Brooklyn’s Hall
    Brooklyn’s Hall9 timer siden

    My mascot at my school

  • Connor Mann
    Connor Mann9 timer siden

    I wish I could eat these and like them but I would literally hate them 😂 but they look so good

  • Bella J
    Bella J9 timer siden

    Suggestion: You should have a I collab channel With ijustine

  • Chelsea Midgley
    Chelsea Midgley9 timer siden

    I put potato chips on a pulled pork sandwich 😂but no never the cream cheese bagel, and chips

  • Maritza Contreras
    Maritza Contreras9 timer siden


  • Mia
    Mia9 timer siden

    I miss cookie 😖😔

  • Doodle Mations
    Doodle Mations9 timer siden

    I’m doing that ash Ketchum costume, but with my baby brother

  • Quality Shit Edit
    Quality Shit Edit9 timer siden

    8:12 ...... But does it look splendid?

  • Langston Duong
    Langston Duong9 timer siden

    I love 💘 💗 it

  • Kitsune Gaming
    Kitsune Gaming9 timer siden

    Who is here because they have nothing to do this Halloween because it’s covid

  • Yadira Peña
    Yadira Peña10 timer siden

    Kerliasz Teray boyfriends girlfriends

  • Yadira Peña
    Yadira Peña10 timer siden

    Serasz Teray boyfriends girlfriends

  • Yadira Peña
    Yadira Peña10 timer siden

    Yadira Nola boyfriends girlfriends