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Rosanna Pansino

Welcome to my channel! I'm Rosanna Pansino and I really enjoy creating content on NOlocal!

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  • Renee Castillo
    Renee Castillo16 sekunder siden

    Ro’s kitchen is literally as big as my house 😂

  • Yoga with Anna
    Yoga with Anna2 minutter siden

    When we moved into our new house my dogs ran around crying, jumping, and wagging their tails they were so cute 😀🐶😊 I love your dogs Ro😊

  • Carolina Torres
    Carolina Torres2 minutter siden


  • Eshaal Riaz
    Eshaal Riaz2 minutter siden

    This reminds me of rebecca zamolos house lol

  • Aislinn O'Keefe
    Aislinn O'Keefe3 minutter siden


  • Sydney G
    Sydney G3 minutter siden

    The dogs are so grown up now 🤩

  • Sarah Brodie
    Sarah Brodie3 minutter siden

    How i wish I could afford a house like that. 😔. The kitchen is beautiful

  • Gia Yt
    Gia Yt4 minutter siden

    The dogies looked so exited so cute 🥰 🥰🥰😍😍😍😍

  • Ari4life111
    Ari4life1114 minutter siden

    You are so positive and you are a great parent to the dogs!

  • ashley stankiewicz
    ashley stankiewicz5 minutter siden

    I am very mad I went to the dollar store a lot of your baking line

  • Rory
    Rory5 minutter siden

    I love how they have there own room!! 💖 Ro is the best, and she’s SO sweeeet 😊✌️

  • Hanya
    Hanya5 minutter siden

    Can u make a tour of ur new home plzzzz🥺💞

  • Emma Hitcon
    Emma Hitcon5 minutter siden

    I think that that question about how you stay fit I would say very good question because you do bake and I would love to see that

  • Steven Beck
    Steven Beck7 minutter siden

    So sweet Ro!

  • Carolina Torres
    Carolina Torres8 minutter siden

    Ro can you ask Molly if she can post a video with you

  • Emily Zarate
    Emily Zarate9 minutter siden

    Her dogs’ bathroom is bigger than my room

  • Emily Kraut
    Emily Kraut9 minutter siden

    Hiiiii can you say hi to mee

  • Mr ME
    Mr ME10 minutter siden

    To the one person reading this: you’re a legend and adorable, stay safe

  • BG Twins
    BG Twins10 minutter siden

    Anyone in 2021?😅

  • Sprite Bonn
    Sprite Bonn10 minutter siden

    Keep an eye on them sweetie it's going to take a little while for them to figure out that's home.

  • Amanda Mate
    Amanda Mate12 minutter siden

    Can you do a house tour next ro

  • Lauryn Partnow
    Lauryn Partnow12 minutter siden

    Congrats on your new house!!!!!!!!!!!! 🎉

  • Crazy black Gamer
    Crazy black Gamer13 minutter siden

    Omg I forgot I’m so sorry

  • Tonya Stadt
    Tonya Stadt14 minutter siden

    Awww it melts my heart to see the doggies getting treats and love from there mommy💕💕😊

  • BeachBunnyAJC
    BeachBunnyAJC14 minutter siden

    Love your house!!

  • Chloe Freschi
    Chloe Freschi14 minutter siden

    Omg there so cute

  • Muireann Flaherty
    Muireann Flaherty14 minutter siden

    No one. Ró having a kitchen outside 😅 lysm

  • Tanishka Mani
    Tanishka Mani14 minutter siden

    * coconut sees pupa chino puts face right in the cup*😀😂😂ilysm u always make my day

  • Chloe Freschi
    Chloe Freschi14 minutter siden

    How are your dogs so good in the car mine wine so much

  • rcscreations
    rcscreations14 minutter siden

    Why do ro and mo look like twins

  • Amaan Mehmood
    Amaan Mehmood15 minutter siden

    Yes Rosanna please do more vlogs.

  • Susanne Al-Sammarraie
    Susanne Al-Sammarraie15 minutter siden

    I love your doggies!!! And I love you and your videos💗❤💗❤💗❤ you even made my day better!

  • Nalleli Robles
    Nalleli Robles15 minutter siden

    I don't know why but I only Love so much blueberry muffin 🥰

  • Star Light
    Star Light16 minutter siden

    omg this is so wholesome aaaah 💖🥺

  • Alejandra Vadia
    Alejandra Vadia16 minutter siden

    love the dogs

  • Annya Birko
    Annya Birko16 minutter siden

    Awwww I ♥️ your Dogs,

  • Patty CANDLE
    Patty CANDLE17 minutter siden

    Hello from France ! It was such a nice video ! Your dogs are amazing. So so cute ! And your house is so beautiful ! Happy for you all.

  • mimi mimi
    mimi mimi17 minutter siden

    Who remembers coconuts boyfriend

  • Nadege
    Nadege18 minutter siden

    I live in Florida so that's crazy that it snowed in malibu in Califorina but Florida is getting really hot now it is 84 degrees now it fells like 87 degrees

  • Marjaana Helin
    Marjaana Helin18 minutter siden

    Yes puppy content! My puppy Mickey and I love to watch these videos together. Hopefully my fur baby will be as well behaved as yours, lots of love from Mickey and I!

  • sarika malik
    sarika malik19 minutter siden

    Rosana are you neighbours with Rebecca because your house looks so similar to hers🤔

  • Ridwan Ahmed Arnob official
    Ridwan Ahmed Arnob official19 minutter siden


  • Noluna92
    Noluna9220 minutter siden

    Its 41 degrees in Iowa and my windows are open for the first time all winter. 😎🏖

  • Sam White
    Sam White20 minutter siden

    I just heard a out you guys and I can't wait to see baby Grayson

  • Rag Goel
    Rag Goel21 minutt siden

    Ok ok ok ok ok ok where’s my purse! I died

  • Sparrowland Productions
    Sparrowland Productions21 minutt siden

    Aww the pups are so cute! We are meeting our adopted furbaby on Wednesday. So excited to meet our newest family member.

    VENOMxQUEEN21 minutt siden

    Im earlyyy

  • Coco Nut
    Coco Nut21 minutt siden

    Ro is a happy bundle of joy you brighten up my day so much when I see here videos especially because I just been oh a very long zoom call

  • Cora Van Sande
    Cora Van Sande21 minutt siden

    pls do a full house tour

  • april doe
    april doe22 minutter siden

    Do the things you did with cookie but with Coconut and blueberry muffin.

  • Leem Khalaila
    Leem Khalaila22 minutter siden

    Omg I'm earlyyyy, your new house is beautiful btw

  • Raelyn Evans
    Raelyn Evans22 minutter siden

    A big fan can you do a house tour love you

  • Erika Alonso
    Erika Alonso22 minutter siden

    They are so talented 🎂🍑🎂🍑🎂🍑🎂🍑🎂🍑🎂🍑🎂🍑🎂🍑🎂🍑🎂🍑🎂🍑🎂🍑🎂🍑🎂🍑🎂🍑🎂🍑🎂🍑🎂🍑🎂🍑🎂🍑🎂🍑🎂🍑🎂🍑🎂🍑🎂🍑🎂🍑🎂🎂🍑🎂🍑🎂🍑🎂🍑🎂🍑🎂🍑🎂🍑

  • Ruby Lemon
    Ruby Lemon22 minutter siden

    Cute dogs 🐶

  • Zoe Vanmechelen
    Zoe Vanmechelen23 minutter siden

    Love to see how u treat ur dogs! Makes me miss cookie :(

  • Alex Shooter
    Alex Shooter23 minutter siden

    House tour next please. 🙏

  • Nicolas McLamb
    Nicolas McLamb24 minutter siden

    I swear if my parents don't get me a dog imma throw a fit

  • Leah Aulenbach
    Leah Aulenbach24 minutter siden

    I live in Canada 🇨🇦 you can handle a centimetre of snow. Lol

  • Madi Gates
    Madi Gates25 minutter siden

    OMG!!! This video was sooooo cute! Love you so much Ro🥰🥰🥰💗💗💗

  • Glenn SUMMERS
    Glenn SUMMERS25 minutter siden

    Where is cookie

  • ياسين المصرى
    ياسين المصرى26 minutter siden

    انا عريس تحت الطلب محلل شرعى او حامل غلطة او مفتوحة اجوزك واستر عليكى باقى تفاصيل ف الخاص

  • Damireddy sisters
    Damireddy sisters26 minutter siden

    This almost looks like Rebecca Zamolo’s house. Just a bit difference and some changes