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Rosanna Pansino

Welcome to my channel! I'm Rosanna Pansino and I really enjoy creating content on NOlocal!
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Rosanna Pansino
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Buying My FAKE Merch!

Buying My FAKE Merch!

saying goodbye

saying goodbye

My Home Gym Setup!

My Home Gym Setup!

What I Did in 2019!

What I Did in 2019!


  • Cami_ Orleans
    Cami_ Orleans19 timer siden

    I would love to see you do a cake for the new movie The Croods 2 :D

  • Sandy Harding
    Sandy Harding19 timer siden

    Paw Patrol

  • Macy Gracey
    Macy Gracey19 timer siden

    The fact that you are still smiling with the loss of a best friend and dad. You are such a strong woman. I can’t imagine how sad this is for you especially through this pandemic. You are a big inspiration for me ❤️ stay safe!

  • Mimose Laurent
    Mimose Laurent19 timer siden


  • Deisy Perez
    Deisy Perez19 timer siden

    Ro your mom looks like Molly

  • Mia Hamilton
    Mia Hamilton19 timer siden

    loved this video the dogs are so cute

  • Claudia Grieve
    Claudia Grieve19 timer siden

    people who disliked clearly didn’t have a good childhood because this was everything 🥺

  • Blaster kid Tv
    Blaster kid Tv19 timer siden


  • Susan Ijaware
    Susan Ijaware19 timer siden

    i like the cake

  • Ashlee Kovell
    Ashlee Kovell20 timer siden


  • Zoha Haider
    Zoha Haider20 timer siden

    Nobody: Ro: "I'm a new woman now, I have new hair"

  • Ashlee Kovell
    Ashlee Kovell20 timer siden

    Rose won the challenge

  • Ashlee Kovell
    Ashlee Kovell20 timer siden

    Round five goes to Rose

  • Nadia Hassan
    Nadia Hassan20 timer siden

    This is amazing

  • Ashlee Kovell
    Ashlee Kovell20 timer siden

    Round four goes to Rose

  • Ashlee Kovell
    Ashlee Kovell20 timer siden

    Round three goes to Rose

  • Ashlee Kovell
    Ashlee Kovell20 timer siden

    Second round goes to Rose

  • Ashlee Kovell
    Ashlee Kovell20 timer siden

    Round one goes to Mike

  • Caitlin Mclain
    Caitlin Mclain20 timer siden


  • Bailey Poe
    Bailey Poe20 timer siden

    Plzzzzz make more Harry Potter stuff!!!!

  • Maryam Yaser Khamis
    Maryam Yaser Khamis20 timer siden

    This was my childhood I used to watch this every day!

  • • I T Z R E M I •
    • I T Z R E M I •20 timer siden

    Ro literally aged backwards

  • H Nash
    H Nash20 timer siden

    The ✨nostalgia✨

  • Ashlee Kovell
    Ashlee Kovell20 timer siden


  • Lea Masowick
    Lea Masowick20 timer siden

    hi rosanna

  • T FAN
    T FAN20 timer siden

    They had one job and they “blue it”! You made a pun!

  • Stephany Kuhlman
    Stephany Kuhlman20 timer siden

    The name should be Greyson

  • Joshua Bench
    Joshua Bench20 timer siden

    Rosanna you look different from five years ago

  • Roblox Ryder456
    Roblox Ryder45620 timer siden


  • Roblox Ryder456
    Roblox Ryder45620 timer siden

    do 24 hours outside in a tint

  • Cata Hannah G
    Cata Hannah G20 timer siden

    What is the brand of your fridge

  • Roblox Ryder456
    Roblox Ryder45620 timer siden

    were you get thos long nails???

  • D L B M Gang
    D L B M Gang21 time siden


  • A O
    A O21 time siden

    Rosanna with a nerdy nummies or unboxing can you please do an unedited video please

  • AYLOR45
    AYLOR4521 time siden

    You should do a video and it could be a baking challenge with Justine and mrbeast

  • iiEdenii
    iiEdenii21 time siden

    where is rebecca zamolo?;(

  • David Wong
    David Wong21 time siden

    ☾@n ί ♄@✔☰ $☯ɱ☰

  • AYLOR45
    AYLOR4521 time siden

    How do you come up with all these video ideas 💡

  • clarisse _d
    clarisse _d21 time siden

    bruh *memories*

  • AYLOR45
    AYLOR4521 time siden

    You are the BESSSSTTT NOlocalr I have ever watched 😀

    AN RODRIGUEZ21 time siden

    Play My Talking Tom Friends next.

  • Maria Martinez
    Maria Martinez21 time siden


  • Amanda Schaffer
    Amanda Schaffer21 time siden

    So Ro here is an game suggestion it’s called my cake factory tycoon it is baking related

  • Tammie Crawford
    Tammie Crawford21 time siden

    Rebecca you got this but like I kind of better than you psych just kidding you’re good at this two also you and Row our my yeah but that is really crazy I would say Rebecca that’s like crazy what I was saying you and robe bro are my biggest fan I love you cousin Maddie someone help you sound like are you doing I don’t know I said that

  • Tammie Crawford
    Tammie Crawford22 timer siden

    I wants do you I want I want I want to come to your house to take that cake if you would allow me and hi quad

  • ThisChannel IsCool
    ThisChannel IsCool22 timer siden

    how r u supposed to get them off???

  • Alfa Sports 1684
    Alfa Sports 168422 timer siden

    You got to color scheme wrong

  • Grace-San UnU
    Grace-San UnU22 timer siden

    i took chinese Last Year and i made dumplings

  • kathryn guillot
    kathryn guillot22 timer siden

    Wait hold on do has never seen an apple cutter before

  • OK Then2222
    OK Then222222 timer siden

    Me and my brother just saw you on bazardvark

  • Zarely Castanon
    Zarely Castanon22 timer siden


  • yolie_sanchez
    yolie_sanchez22 timer siden

    Can I cut the recipe in half?

  • Zoey Morton
    Zoey Morton22 timer siden

    You guys look like triplets

  • Anna's World
    Anna's World22 timer siden

    my name is anna but my name is in rosannas name????????????????????

  • 4551mac
    4551mac22 timer siden

    my granddaughter tried this for Thanksgiving - didn't turn out like we hoped. We did let them set after removing from the oven but after about 1/2 hour they turned to cement - very hard and sticky. I did reheat a few the next day in the microwave for about 10 seconds and they came out edible. The marshmallows melted and completely flattened (yes, she did crimp all edges - she's 19 so she knows how to cook) - the sweet taste was great the next day with my morning tea.. I've also never seen any adult 'scared' enough to jump and scream when opening a pop dough can.... but, thanks for sharing anyway !

  • Rana TV
    Rana TV22 timer siden


  • Amy Welch
    Amy Welch22 timer siden

    Love your shirt!!!

  • Britta Rehk
    Britta Rehk23 timer siden


  • Nahomi Barahona
    Nahomi Barahona23 timer siden

    blue barry is so cute and cookie i love you roe

  • Emily Milch
    Emily Milch23 timer siden

    You look like a luxurious mermaid when you go in and you swim when you swim you look like a mermaid you’re welcome🧜🏽‍♀️

  • Candice Sunblade
    Candice Sunblade23 timer siden

    So cute!! Would love to see something PJ Masks theme’d (my daughter keeps asking😊)

    ANALIZ TAVAREZ23 timer siden

    You really look like a mermaid 🧜‍♀️

  • Hamylee Logan
    Hamylee Logan23 timer siden

    Your videos are awesome

  • Will Porter
    Will Porter23 timer siden

    That is so stupid 🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄 💭💭💭💭💭💭💬💬💬💬💬

  • Anila Ali
    Anila Ali23 timer siden


  • Will Porter
    Will Porter23 timer siden


  • Mariyam Eeshal Irushad
    Mariyam Eeshal Irushad23 timer siden


  • mallie619
    mallie619Dag siden

    What happened to kookie/cookie

  • Jarnail Singhi Mundy
    Jarnail Singhi MundyDag siden


  • Stories and mysteries For kids
    Stories and mysteries For kidsDag siden

    my strategy would be to put all the bad ingredients on one side and eat a slice from te good slice

  • Will Porter
    Will PorterDag siden

    THE 🥕🥕🥕🥕 looks like a cup Hehehe From gemma

  • Marisela DeAlba
    Marisela DeAlbaDag siden

    Recipe is good. But you talk to much and your voice is not very flattering. Sorry :/

  • Dhriti Upadhyay
    Dhriti UpadhyayDag siden